Shut your mouth

Hey, I'm Lee and I am in highschool and... In highschool no one, I mean no one keeps their mouth shut.


1. Welcome to you're new highschool


Lee's P.O.V 

"BooBOobboooo"!!! My alarm went off, leaving me unhappy from waking me up from the perfect dream. Me, just me. Me getting pulled up onto stage to perform with my favourite band, All Time Low. It was amazing until I was woken up. I reached over to my side table to turn off my stupid, selfish alarm. While I was in a hurry to do this I, fell out of bed. Like always. 

"C'mon, not again". I moaned pulling myself up off the hard floor. I stared at my posters on my walls for a second. It almost seemed like they were waving at me, but I know that can never ever happen. 

My bedroom had black walls, they were covered in all my well kept posters of every band I like. I stared at my favourite poster. It was of All Time Low, future hearts. I love that album. Then I stared at my bookcase of music. Most of them were All Time Low, Blink 182 and Fall Out Boy. 

I sighed, I stood up onto my unbalanced feet and I unsteadily wandered over to my draws in the corner, I pulled open the bottom draw. I straight away snatched my black skinny jeans. Then I went up to my middle draw and searched for a t-shirt, in my room it's hard to find any clothes. 

I don't have many clothes, well any with colour. I finally found my favourite shirt, it was black (Duh) and in white writing it had written on it, Be strong, no matter what. It is the shirt I wear every day. 

I ran downstairs, I tried to sneak in the kitchen without my mom knowing but it was too late. "Lee, what do you think you're wearing"? I turned to face her. She had her arms crossed and she had one eyebrow raised. "I know you love those clothes, but could you just wear something else for once". Mom said kindly. I hated it when she told me to wear something else. Oh coarse, I ignored her. 

I kept walking tot the kitchen and I opened one of the top cupboards. I saw my already packed lunch sitting there. The grabbed it and went back upstairs. And mom said. "Don't forget to change". I pretended I didn't hear her. I found my bag and shoved my lunch in there. Then I made my way back downstairs, and out the back door. 

"Bye Mom"! I said hurrying myself along. She said bye back and something else but, I was already out the door to hear. I ran into the front yard and I off I went to my new highschool. 

I had no friends at this school, I don't know anybody at this school, I have no idea what I will do at this school, and will I like this school. I shrugged and kept walking. I was walking unusually fast, I am a fast walker but, it was a lot faster than normal. I must be excited, oh then I didn't notice. 

A few minutes later I finally reached my new school, and the school was flooding with students. I had a little stare at the welcome sign. And it was... Weird. I have never seen a sign like that. It's like it's happy to be a sign. I walked off away from the weird sign and into the school grounds. 

There were so many different students, I didn't know who I would end up being friends with. But there was this group that caught my eye. 

They were playing a game of soccer on the field. One had brown, curly hair, he wore glasses and he had an ac/dc band shirt. My dad loves ac/dc. Then there was another one who looked kinda asian, he had a blonde streak through his hair. And the asian one was epic at soccer too, I beat he has had an offer to go to the brazil under twenties world cup. Then there was another one with a blonde quiff, he had a lip ring too. Then there was another dude with coloured hair. His hair colour was blue. I have no idea what colour of blue it was though. And he was wearing a green day shirt. 

I stared at them so long that they noticed me, I ran away quickly. Then the bell rang. 

I ran around the highschool like a crazy loon-a-tic trying to find my forum class. I finally found it after 10 minutes of looking around for it. And it just had to be the last one I went to. I slowly twisted the doorknob. I was so nervous. I opened the classroom door and quietly walked to an empty seat. It was next to the coloured haired guy. 

"Hey, are you the new kid here"? He whispered under the teacher's loud voice. "Hi, I'm Lee". I put my hand out for him to shake it. "I'm Michael". He didn't shake my hand but he did stare at it. So I gave up and focused on my new teacher. 

"So today we have a new student, where are you Lee"! The teacher said almost yelling with joy. How is she happy to see me. I stood up at my desk. "Come on and stand up the front and tell everybody about you". I beat my teacher was trying to embarrass me in front of my new class. 

I wandered up to the front of the class and stood there silently while the teacher was being "normal". 

"So Lee, tell the class about yourself". She said. I stared at the Michael who was staring at the roof. "Well, I like pie". The whole class cracked up. I tried not to laugh as well. Michael did the thumbs up. "I also love music". I continued. Michael raised his hand. 

"What is you're favourite music"? He asked. "Well, I like All Time Low, Blink 182, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Linkin Park, Evanescence, Green Day and Hey Violet". I answered. "Cool, you have good music taste". Michael shouted. "Thank you Lee, please go back to you're seat". The teacher said. I scurried back to my seat, trying not to embarrass myself even more. 

"hey do you want to hang out today during lunch". Michael whispered to me. "Sure". I said. But I said it to loudly. "Who was talking"? The teacher asked angrily. I raised my hand, I mean I have to be honest. "Lee, really and your the new one here. I won't give you a detention since you're new here". My teacher continued. Everybody laughed at me. I sighed. Today is going to be harder than I think. 

Yah!!! First chapter is finished... Me so happy. I hope you enjoyed XP


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