Shut your mouth

Hey, I'm Lee and I am in highschool and... In highschool no one, I mean no one keeps their mouth shut.


5. Lunchtime Banding

Sup it's Lee and I am back with another chapter of dis book. I hope you are enjoying it!!! I am having fun writing it XP 

Lee's P.O.V 

I stared at the door leading into the music room. I already have made new friends so, I don't want any more. I entered the room slowly, hoping that I wasn't late. Then I could see everybody staring straight at me as I wandered to the back of the class. Some of these people looked familiar and some I have never seen before. I stuck the tongue out at some of them. But there was this one, I think I've seen him before. He was sitting in the corner all by himself. He looked really lonely. So i went and sat next to him. 

Everybody stopped staring at me and staring tuning their instruments. He smiled at me. "Hey". I said trying to create a convo. "Hey". He said back, then he stared back at his phone. "I'm Lee, you are?" I smiled at him. "I'm Brandon, Brandon Lockwood". "Cool". Then we both went dead silent. 

"What instruments do you play?" I asked him. "Oh, guitar, drums, stuff like that". He answered me. "I play the Bass, guitar, drums, piano and flute". I stared over at Michael who was talking to Ally, so he hasn't started the class yet. Then... 

"Sup ladies and mental men, you all know today is the first Music club meeting. I know most of you are in bands already but, can you play an instrument. Let's get to know each other". Michael tried to sound like a pro (We all know he is a pro at playing the guitar). And everybody told everybody else who they were. I have never heard of half of these dorks but, some I know who they are. 

"Hi, I'm Mercedes. I'm in a band with my sister Phoenix and my friend Brandon. We're called Courage My Love". I gasped. "You're Mercedes Arn-Horn, I love courage my love!" I screamed. Everybody turned around and stared at me. "I said a little too loudly didn't I?" Brandon Chuckled. "yeah". 

After all that randomness we all started playing our instruments. Ashton ran to the set of drums in the corner and Ally ran after to him. "Get off those drums Ash, You always play them. You're such a hog!!!" Ally shouted. Michael laughed. "Sharing is caring!" Calum yelled across the room. While all this weirdness was going on I sat in the corner waiting to get a clear view of the Bass Guitar. 

I saw it sitting at the other side of the room. I stared at it for a bit, almost like the whole world slowed down. Then the sunshine came onto the Bass Guitar. It started sparkling. My eyes lit up. 

Wait, where the sun come from, it's cloudy outside. I finally got up off my chair and I wandered over to the Bass. The class slowed down in my mind. I reached for the Guitar, then someone snatched it away before I could grab it. 

"Hey!" I screamed. "I had it first!" I shouted at them. It was that ugly popular girl again. I rolled my eyes. "Yuck!" I whispered walking back to my seat. Brandon stared at me. "No way in Hell can the girl take the Bass away from you!" I said quietly under Ashton's drumming. 

I sighed and crossed my arms. Then the ugly girl started to play the Bass. She was TERRIBLE!!!! Her playing an instrument she be illegal!!!! Brandon, I and everybody else covered their ears. 

Then Michael started to shout at her. She stopped playing the guitar. "What? I'm great, aren't I?" She flipped her hair back. Michael held his head in his hands. "I am so ashamed!" He mumbled. The ugly girl stopped smiling. "What do you mean? I am amazing!" She said nervously. "You suck! You can't even touch the Bass without it sounding HORRIBLE!!!!" Michael shouted to her face. 

She folded her arms with girly anger. Michael face palmed. "Can you please get out of my class room?" Michael said quietly. She ignored him. "No, you're not the boss of me!" She flipped her hair again. 

"GET OUT OF THIS CLASSROOM!!!" Michael sung, but it turned into screamo. Everybody went back to what they were doing with their time. Michael handed me the Bass. "Thanks Mike, you showed that girl whose boss!" I shook his hand. 

"That's Lauren Jaurgui, I hate her so much!" Michael shared. "Oh, is she that chick from-" "That awful girl band, yeah. I hate them!" Brandon continued. 

Then the bell rang for the afternoon... 

That was another chapter of dis book. I hope you all enjoyed it!!!

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