Shut your mouth

Hey, I'm Lee and I am in highschool and... In highschool no one, I mean no one keeps their mouth shut.


3. Detention, NOW!!!!

Hey there, I have had a lot of fun writing this story so far. I hope people, random people like it... 

Lee's P.O.V 

Never ever met a chick like that, I don't even know her dumb name. It might even be a good name, I mean, anything is possible (Not really, not at all). I kept running all the way home, I sprinted past many people (That I didn't know), until I finally got home. I quickly stepped inside, I slammed the door behind me and I quickly moved over to the staircase leading upstairs. I peeked around one of the bars to make sure Mom or even Dad appeared. 

Did I forget about my older sister? I think I did. Instead of Mom or Dad, it was her who came home early. Her name is Winter, she lives in canada but, I totally forgot she was down for the month. 

"Hello, Lee? Are you Home yet?" She called for me. I quietly sneaked up to my room. "Lee, I know you're there". Winter said blankly. I stood up so she could see my face. "Hey winter". I said casually, as I do. "How was you're first day at you're new school?" Winter asked walking into the kitchen and grabbing two cups out of one of the cupboards. 

"Uh... Great". I said sarcastically. "And, did you make any new friends?" Winter kept asking questions, she's well known for asking random questions to annoy the hell out of me. "yeah". I answered, sitting on one of the bar stools near the kitchen bench. "That's nice to hear, what are they like?" Winter handed me a cup of hot chocolate (I hate coffee). "They are, like me". I slowed down. 

"Okay then". Winter finished asking questions about my day. Then I grabbed my hot chocolate and went up to my room. Winter stared me down, she no doubt knows what happened to me today. 

Right away when I reached the doorway of my bedroom, I heard Winter call someone. I think it's Mom, or Dad you never know. I put my hot chocolate on my desk where there was no homework, yet. I sat on my bed and stared at my posters again. I wish all those posters were real, real people. They are but, I wish I met them all. Life would be just so much better. 

*2 Whole Hours Later* 

I stared at my blank ceiling, it was boring. I thought how I could change it up. Cover it with Black paint, and red stripes. Dreams. Then all of a sudden I heard Mom's car pull up. Well I was sure it was hers. Then I heard Winter's voice, then Mom's voice. I bet they were talking about me, like always. 

I heard hight heels on the stairs. Damn it, I forgot to shut my door. Mom came storming in. 

"Lee, what did you do to that poor girl?" Mom growled. "I just pushed her, she wouldn't move her fat ass!!! And I am quite proud of myself. And Mom she isn't poor". I smirked as I sat up. "But what did she do to you?" "She wouldn't move, and she was really rude to me". I turned away and stared at me walls. "Still you can't just push her straight to the ground!" Mom held her head down. "So what happens then?" I ask her. "You get Detention, like everybody else". Mom left me there. Sitting all by myself. 

 At like 10pm I finally went to bed. I was tired, school with Michael just makes you fall asleep. I fell asleep, with no covers on. Then I had a random dream. 

I dreamt of flying unicorns and gaint bunnies, then all of a sudden Andy Biersack appeared on a unicorn and asked if I wanted a unicorn of my own. And I said yes, he gave me a unicorn and then we were riding our unicorns into the sunset.



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