S(He's) The One

"Please, Luke?" "Is that even a good idea?" "Probably not, but pretty please?" "Fine."


1. Chapter 1: Compromised Identity

Okay, this was not how I planned to spend my Spring Break. Honestly, who would want to do this at all? But, it is my sister, and she has the power to do the whole, 'I just got kicked by my owner- then hit with a truck- no one likes me' puppy-dog eyes. And trust me, no one can EVER say no to Lilah. Especially me. 


Since I can tell how confused you are, let me start from the beginning.....


It all started earlier today...


School was finally over. Just because we get a two-week vacation for Spring Break, doesn't mean time should move any slower than it already does. 'Wendy, we could get away. I promise if you're with me, say the word and I'll find a way. I could be your lost boy, your last chance. Better than we ever planned. Oh Somewhere In Neverland.' I listened to my favorite song play, meaning my sister was calling me. Since it's my favorite song like ever, I decided to just let it ring for the duration of the ringtone before answering. When I answered, screaming caused me to immediately pull it away from my ear. Cautiously, I pulled it back up to my ear before saying, "Hello?" "Hey, Luke. Um, I need a huge favor. Meet me at the old skate park now." Then she hung up. I got up from my place under the old oak tree and started walking to the old skate park Lilah and I used to go to all the time. It only took me like 5 minutes, mainly because the skate park is right beside the old "haunted" amusement park. Which means, I know exactly how to get there. Of course, we teenagers do nothing but sit around in haunted places all day. Getting there, I immediately noticed my twin sister. Her blonde hair standing out with all the black, beat down stuff around here. "Lilah!" I called to her. She immediately stood up and ran over. "Listen, we have a problem. My identity has been compromised. I need to get out now. Until I come up with another alter-ego and a cover story for Lilah, you have to pretend to be Lilah." "Why me?" "Because, you know you can do it, you are called Mimic for a reason." "Point taken, but why do I have to do it?" "Because if Lilah disappears right after someone threatens to exploit their secret identity, then I would assume they would know the truth and exploit it. Plus it will only take 2 weeks at most, by then you will be back at school and won't have to worry with Lilah again." I shook my head quickly. "I can't do that! I'm not pretending to be Lilah." Right at that moment, I knew I had to look away. Those eyes would for sure get to me. "Please, Lukey?" "Please, Luke?" "Is that even a good idea?" "Probably not, but pretty please?" "Fine." "Thanks! Love you!" She then disappeared. Damn you stupid hypnotising twin sister! As I transformed into my sister, I thought 'Fuck, what in the hell did I just get myself into?'

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