My Cyberbullying Experience

In April 2015, I was cyberbullied by a close friend, who I never though would do anything like this. Although he has been forgiven by many people because of this, he is still in a bit of trouble. His name is Daniel. I am Lauren. This is a true story. My story.


1. The Story

It was a normal Thursday night after school. I had been happy and talking to my friends all day. They had asked me if I would like to be in a text message group chat after school, which I agreed to take part in. Which was actually quite a stupid decision. Recently I had got an iPhone 5, as it was my birthday soon, so I was obviously enjoying life, as I had always wanted an phone like this. On my old phone, you couldn't make group chats unless it was on social media. But now I had an iPhone, I could finally be in a group chat with my friends. I was pretty excited. 


So, that night I was added into the text chat with my friends Erin and Sophie. For about half an hour it was just us three talking about homework and stuff like that. However after that Erin decided to add someone else into the group chat. My crush. To be honest Erin seemed to think I was happy. Everyone at my school seems to know who I have a crush on, or rather who I used to have a crush on. His name is Daniel. I've known him for a long time, since we were at nursery. Our parents became great friends however when we moved house and went to a different primary school to him, we all forgot about each other. Until now. 


I felt awkward with having Daniel in the chat. Many people said he was an arrogant and  very unkind boy who thought he could do anything. I didn't believe that until now. Now I have realised that he is not at all the person I thought he was. For about an hour we continued to talk about school and how we all met each other and things like that. Then suddenly Daniel changed the subject. He just started calling me nasty things, for example the main thing he called me was a 'pervert'. At the time, I was not aware of what this word meant, so I wasn't really sure how to respond. I replied to the mean messages just by saying 'Why?' and he replied with even more horrible comments. 


This continued for at least another hour, it was now about half past nine at night. During the group chat, Erin and Sophie had attempted to stop Daniel, but it was obvious that they couldn't. They told him how unkind and hurtful messages like these can be, but he just wouldn't listen. In the end I told them I was going to sleep and that I was tired and sick of him talking to me in such a way. 


That night I cried myself to sleep and woke up late the next day, which was Friday, still covered in tears and many tissues from last night. I felt upset and very depressed. Yet I walked into school faking a smile and not telling anyone about it. I didn't even tell my parents or anyone in my family. Only Erin and Sophie understood the impact the texts had on me. They could tell I'd been crying a lot, and they had too. I spent the day with them, my only real friends. After school both girls deleted the conversation off their phones. However, I kept all of the messages on my phone for evidence to prove that it really happened. 


At the weekend, I still kept it a secret, still putting on my fake smile to everyone. While I was doing my homework, I received another message from Daniel. It was hundreds of red angry faced emojis, this time not in the group chat, but directly to me. He sent two more texts. One was even more emojis that were exactly the same. The last message I got off him said 'F**K OFF YOU PERVY GIRL I HATE YOU SO MUCH', which was followed by yet more angry emojis. But still I told no one about what was going on. I really couldn't ignore the texts. 


On Monday I walked into school to find that almost all of my year group had found out what had happened. It had been put on Facebook by a girl I knew called Morgan. I didn't know that it had been put on social media, as I'm not allowed to have Facebook. Morgan is a strange girl. She can be really nice sometimes but most of the time she is very badly behaved. Another thing I don't like about Morgan is that she smokes everyday. Well really, she shouldn't be smoking anyway! 


Also, I found out that Morgan had told the teacher who sorts all the problems out, Miss McLean. She is a nice woman, I have spoke to her once before, when I didn't have any friends at all, last year. I was very shocked and surprised when I discovered what was going on. I didn't know what to do and neither did Erin and Sophie. On Wednesday Erin and Sophie were taken out of lessons to talk to Miss McLean, then when they returned, I went with the teacher and talked to her by myself. I showed Miss McLean the text messages and she was really shocked. She phoned my parents as they didn't know about it already.


After school, I talked to my mum about it and she was really sorry for me. My mum is really nice to me, not only in situations such as this, but most of the time, despite our arguments which luckily don't happen often. However my dad argues with people a lot, especially my mum and me. This kind of stuff happens everyday. Thankfully they don't hit each other, but once, when I was about seven, my dad hit me on my head. What happened was I forgot to tidy up my Barbie dolls so he called me a bitch, and as I didn't know what the word meant, I told him that he was too. And that's why my dad hit me. Not that you really needed to know that story, but I just told you anyway. And thank God he hasn't hurt me since. 


Within a few days the whole problem had been completely sorted out by many teachers. All the teachers were really happy they had found out about it, or else I probably would have become some sort of depressed freak, which I was for a few days! Well I'm glad that everything is fine again. Daniel was put in the Behaviour Room (an empty room where naughty kids have to sit all day) for two weeks, because of what he said to me. His parents were absolutely DEVASTATED! They were really mad at him, and he got grounded for like a month! Serves him right. I'm glad he's been taught a lesson. I've also learnt something: not to ever have a crush on someone like him ever again. I promise that I will never like him again. 


In the next few weeks, when he eventually, he walked up to me one lunchtime and begged me to be friends with him again. Well guess what I said to him... I said NO! And then I thought to myself, maybe, maybe one day, I might just be your FRIEND, but I would never in a billion years like you the way I did before.


I'm happy now. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it :) 


love from Lauren xxxx 

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