Her First Poem - Poetry Contest

A poem about a young girl writing her first poem. FOR THE POETRY CONTEST.


1. Her First Poem

Once upon a time, she writes,

A young girl, almost twelve years old, with

Straight brown hair and blue, blue eyes,

Decided she wanted to be a poet.  She pauses, concentrating.

Her parents disagreed, and her friends just laughed,

But determined to write a good poem,

She sat down and started to think.  She frowns, her pencil tapping the paper.

After thinking for a while, then thinking some more,

She finally knew.  She found some paper, a pencil,

And started to write.  The next day, wearing a proud smile (she smiles now),

She presented her parents with her first ever poem,

Penciled out neatly in her best writing.  She hoped they would truly like it,

But they just glanced at it, smiled, and nodded, said it’s great.  She wipes at a tear.

They didn’t really care.

A week later, she got up enough courage

To take her poem to her English teacher, Mrs. Ross.  She smiles, remembering.

Mrs. Ross loved it; suggested entering it in a read-aloud poetry contest.

She agreed right away.  The day of the contest, Mrs. Ross drove her there, and

Stayed to watch her ‘favorite student’.  She knows that that is true.

When her name was called, she stepped onto the stage with shaky knees.

Mrs. Ross smiled encouragingly from the audience, to the left of the judges.

She took a deep breath, stood up tall, and began to read:


“Once upon a time, she writes,

A young girl, almost twelve years old……”

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