It's all about the power

"I'm fucking rich, I can have who whatever I want." I said angrily at Ty. I can have any bitch in the club and nobody can stop me.
" Oh Arros, one day you're going to fall in love and be fucked up forever on it." he screamed over the loud music and drank out the bottle of Rose.
The day I fall in love will be a day that will never come. I slap the ass thats shaking in front of me as if I was high giving someone.


2. Paper work




"I need the file of Mr. Sert and day report. Jenny." I said typing away on my computer.  

"Here ya go." she comes in and lays the thin file on my desk. She then sits across from me with a clip board and a pen. 

"Okay so at 10:00 am you have breakfast with Mr. Maxwell, then you have to close a deal with Olivia Marley at 12:00 pm and then a meeting with Mr. Sert at 2:00 pm." she said quickly, hitting the pen against the board. 

" Thank you, Jen." 

" So how are you and Mr. Maxwell?" when she said that, my head flew up. She had this soft smirk like she knows some thing.

"We're fine and were just friends." I said rolling my eyes. 

" Amelia, lets get serious. You're going to end up getting back with him." She pushes her thick brown hair behind her ears. 

"No we are not. Me and him have great conversation and I enjoy the clients he gives me." I said in defense, "Also the clients he gives me, makes me money which gets you paid." 

"Oh please!" she squeals, "You can get any client you want, you don't need him. Also he's going to try to get you back, just watch." 

"Jen, make yourself useful and read this for me." I hand her the Sert file, I do not want to talk about John Maxwell. My ex-lover. 

She rolls her eyes and reads the bio of Mr. Sert, " Born in Turkey, currently a gamer in Las Vages with lots and lots of money... and girls of course. He is part of the NRA and has a passion for guns. Definitely your type of client." 

"Any client that wants to buy, is my type of client."  

- - -

" Hello, Amelia" he says softly, kissing my cheek as I got to the table. As always, he looks so handsome, dark green eyes, soft brown hair and that suit. God. But he is just a friend. 


As we sit, we go into deep conversation about work and future clients. My John, always had the best clients. He's in the car industry and most of his clients seem to always become mine. 

"So I heard you are meeting Mr. Sert. Big gamer around here." he said drinking his red wine. 

"And a big ladies man." I said eating my Florentine Bene.

"Yes, yes. Very big ladies man. I got to say be careful. He's known for going after all the girls." 

"Are you worried about me? How sweet." I gulp in a good portion of coffee. Second one of the day. 

"To be honest I am. The guy is known for going for all types of women, his reputation isn't the best."

"Oh John please, if his moneys good, why would I care about his reputation?" 

"I'm just warning you for your own good."

"My own good? I can take care of myself." I said quietly. I don't need protection or a reputation talk, money is money, nothing else. 





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