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4. [Four]

Weekend. Thank God for that, now I have more time to spend on Tumblr. I log on to find a new message in my inbox

'Hey Colour_Splash

Cool drawings. Draw Andy Sixx from BVB, k thx bye

- GothMo215'

My drawing request. I type the name 'Andy Sixx' and suddenly develop a man crush on the dude. Jesus Christ this guy's good looking (Maybe that Lord of the Gays insult wasn't an insult after all). The fact that I spent half an hour just scrolling and scrolling through picture after picture instead of actually drawing the guy. My mum pulls up in my foster-father's driveway to pick me up. I close my laptop and head downstairs, barging into my foster-father without apologising and enter my mum's car.

The journey to her new apartment was quieter than I expected, all this time I was wondering why we weren't making a conversation like we always used to do. I hear some French voice in the back of my head telling me to talk about the incident with my foster-father last night but... I'm not sure... I don't want to cause any more drama in the family and besides... My mum already has enough on her plate. We walk to her apartment which is spectacularly more high up than I expected.

Mum unlocks the door and walks into her amazing apartment. She's done alright for herself despite my foster father taking all her money.

'So... What do you think of our new house'

'I bloody love it' I smile. My mum leads me to a door and opens it, revealing the greatest fucking room ever. As a boy that's into indie music, this bedroom is basically heaven. The walls are painted a creamy white with lantern fairy lights hanging and dangling everywhere. The shelves are stacked and stacked with books. Try to keep in my excitement until I spot a shelf above my bed. On that shelf, is a SHITLOAD of Bastille merchandise. Vinyls, CDs, signed t-shirts (when I went to there concert last year. Best night of my life) and even their limited edition photobook. I can't tell if I'm foaming at the mouth, but even if I'm not I'm about to go full fanboy.

'Do you like your new room?' Mum asks, placing her hands behind her back with a beaming smile on her face. I give the goofiest grin as I give my mum a hug. An unknown voice catches my attention as the front door opens again.

'Dear god the weather outside will not make up its mi-'

A man stands in the doorway and stares at me in surprise, like I walked in with a load of dildos strapped around my head and I was blaring 'I'm a barbie girl' from a bright pink stereo (ok maybe that was a bit of an over-exaggeration, probably what Johnny does in his spare time though). Mum looks at the complete stranger and clears her throat

'Tyrone, this is Gary, my new..... boyfriend,'

I glance back at this Gary guy, he seems pretty decent I guess, better than my foster father... Then again... Nearly everyone is. My mum carries on 'I want you to be respectful towards him. Not like your attitude towards your father'

I shoot my mum a look, seeing as though she knows I don't like hearing the words dad or father when were talking about the overweight prick. After my mum's paragraph about Gary he sticks his hand out for a handshake with a beam on his face. I have a voice in the back of my head saying 'don't do it' but honestly... I can't be arsed with any more arguments at this moment in time... Plus... Who needs arguments when you have an indie boy's dream room. I shake Gary's hand and head straight through the door to my bedroom to stare at my Bastille shelf.


My phone vibrates (haha... Vibrates), a new notification from Instagram.

'BabyBlue112 tagged you in a photo'

The old 20 facts about you challenge thing. I'm not a big fan of them, I'm not an interesting person I don't see what questions there are

1. Gender

2. Age

3. Birthday

4. Hair colour

5. Eye colour

6. Best friend

7. Favourite band

8. Relationship status

9. Crush???

10. Favourite food

Tag 20 other people

Basic questions, seems like a simple thing to do.

1. Boy

2. 15

3. 18th July 1999

4. Brown

5. Brown

6. Some creep named Johnny


8. Single like a Pringle on its own

9. Some new girl that moved to my school

10. Chicken

Well, that was a waste of time. Oh well, at least I could draw that Andy Sixx dude like I was supposed to do a few hours ago. Fuck this guy is hot. I grab my pencils and start copying some picture I found of tumblr.

As I add the final detail I hear a deep voice saying

'Who's that?'

'Fucking hell' I snap as I turn to see Johnny holding a plastic bag full of eggplants in his left hand, chewing gum (probably eggplant flavoured).

'Now now, watch that language of yours'

I take a moment to catch my breath

'How did you get in here... How did you know where I live?'

'I have my methods' Johnny huffs, looking at his nails with a smirk.

'Did y- did you follow me?'

Johnny stops his self admiration to give me a weird look 'your mum was driving a car. You really think I'd be able to catch up with that?'

'Good point... How did you get here then?'

'Oh I nicked someone's bike and followed you'

I hesitate my next sentence

'I thought you said you didn't follow-'

'Now now enough of the accusations. Let's go to the park or something'

I would've said no at that point, but Johnny seems to be an annoying little prick if he doesn't get what he wants to I close my sketchbook and head out, bringing moneys and all that useful shit. Recently Johnny had been harbouring a 1p coin, he cares for it as if it's his first child. Nobody knew what it was for until I asked him, getting the response

'You never know when a robber is going to ask for a 1p coin'

We reach the park after a frustrating bus journey (with an extremely cranky bus driver who gave me the look of death for taking too long to find the extra 5p) to see the rest of the retard squad near the forest. Pablo is chasing Kason around the park and Mildred is applying purple lipstick (for a change)

'Hello there Silly Milly' Johnny flirts undeniably, clicking his fingers and pointing at her. Mildred closes her mirror and takes hold of Johnny's wrist

'You call me that again and you're going to be wondering where your index finger is' she growls. Knowing Johnny, his next sentence is exactly what I thought it would be

'Wow. Period much?'

I end up holding back Mildred before she murders the Grease looking bastard. Kyle jogs over to us, so out of breath I think he's going to faint

'They've been arguing all morning'

I let go of Mildred's arms and start a conversation with Kyle

'Wheres Jason?'

Kyle points behind him with his thumb 'with specimen 115 over there' I glance over at Pablo who is trying to drag Jason to the ice cream van, hearing Jason shouting

'Let me go you shitbird'

Classic Pablo. Kyle runs off to save his boyfriend. Tuning around, I witness Johnny and Mildred arguing again

'Would you shut up for this one time?'

'I only wanted a blowjob, why are you being so sensitive?'

'You're such a freak'

'Says the one wearing 9 pounds of makeup. Ever considered being a circus clown?'

I didn't have enough time (or strength) to stop Mildred from grabbing Johnny's shoulders and beating him up. This is practically a normal day when I go out with friends, I might as well sit back and do nothing and watch my friends be weirdos as usual. I get another notification from Instagram... Wait not one... Or even two... About 10 or 15 people commented on that thing I did. How much does this actually mean to them exactly. Reading through the comments I see things like


'U hav kik?'

'SELFIE!!! NOW!!!'

'Wow you like chicken. DM me xx <3'

'Didn't know you were a boy. Let's talk sometime'



'Soooooooo... How bout a selfie!'

Why did people care about this, I don't give a shit when other people do it, what's so special about it? And holy shit do these people want a selfie.

'Tyrone' Jason calls from a distance and beckoning me over.

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