A Song

I wrote this song awhile ago for a girl I met in South Carolina (US). After I left I was a bit heartbroken. The ending is about her ex that she broke up with. They broke while I was there but he wanted her back and he seemed to really persuade her. I guess I kinda wanted to persuade her too.


1. The Song I Wrote.

Distance is always second - When your close to my heart. But first I need to know what your feelings are - If you care or not. I'm not trying to be rude - or sound insecure. But there's only so much - that my heart can endure. And I know its not fair to spring this upon you - but my God you're so kind, smart and pretty too. - It"s just the way that i feel, with a hint of jealousy, - cause there's millions of people in line for you, next to me. But what do they got/have they I don't got - I can't tell you the all, but I know its a lot. I feel like I'm stuck between two unconventional streets - each path with its own troubles and overwhelming feats. But you give me the courage to go down any lane - and for you id tough through the troubles and face any pain. Now, I want you to wonder, would he do it too? - That boy who for so long has had is arm upon you. If your sure that he would, than I hope the best for you two. But if doubt arises - who would you choose?
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