*for poetry comp.*


1. Pain

Pain doesn't have one meaning,
It has many synonyms
And each one of them different from the other.

Pain is love
We hurt people when we fall for them,
We give them the pain which makes them tough,
We give them the pain, 
So they talk rough
And I've given this pain to someone.

Pain is regret
We hurt someone badly
But then we hurt ourselves more
Then they don't think of us and, sadly,
Our thoughts become sore.

Pain is faking happiness
We get hurt when we laugh
Without a reason with our smiles spread on our faces,
Like we are really happy
But when we pretend, 
It hurts more than anything
And I've felt this pain

Pain is watching yourself to be ignored
By the ones you've hurt
You want to tell them you're sorry
But they don't listen and make you more hurt
Burying you beneath the ground they were buried by you.

Pain is watching yourself cry
You look into the mirror,
You look into your mind
You wipe away your tears,
But the pain is still inside

Pain is thinking about death
You feel like your life is worth ending
Because watching yourself cry, 
Is something you can't bear
But you don't want to hurt yourself 
So you just stare.

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