Just Like You

Luke has been a Vampire since 1772..... He wants to be human again....... But, there's only one way....
(Beware, this story is only marked yellow because I can't change it to the really mature content)


6. Feeding.....

*Aria's POV*

I woke up, curled up next to Luke. I slowly crept out of the bed and downstairs to all his friends.. "Hey Aria.. How did it go?" "I'm stuck now just like you...." "You tried last night?" "Yeah, and I guess I was one of those whom it wouldn't with.... God this sucks..." "Yeah, tell me about it.." Then I felt my stomach grumble. "Well, I guess you're hungry.. Ready to go hunting?" "Like shoot an animal hunting?" "No, hunting for people." I knew it was coming. "Oh god, I can't do it... I just can't..." "I didn't want to before but I had to, and you do too to survive. Now come on, we'll take you."


I was sitting in the shadows with the guys. A group of druggies was sitting in an alley, smoking up a joint. "Ever get high?" Michael asked me. "No." "Oh my god it's amazing. Especially when it's after a bit and the drug is getting into their veins fresh." "You mean... you get high off drinking their blood after they're smokin up a joint?" "Yup. Wanna try?" "Not today. I don't feel in the druggie mood." "Whatever, I'm going for one as soon as he goes to leave." And one did, and he snatched the opportunity. He ran up to him, snapped his neck and sank his teeth in. I slowly saw the color of his face fade. 

Then Calum went off by himself and that left Ashton and I. "Okay, so do you want to do the dying ward in the hospital or a old person?" "Will I get sick off the people in the hospital?" "No, you don't get sick ever." I sighed. "Alright, the hospital then." 

Ashton led me through the window of the hospital, and we crept to the dying ward. A guy, in his mid 20's, was sitting in there. I went to look at his charts. "It says he has Long QT syndrome... It's really rare.." "It's ok... Nothing is gonna kill you besides a wooden stake." I looked at the guy, and then I felt his heartbeat. It was slowing slowly, and then it stopped. "Okay, do it now while it's still good." I walked up to him, and then I closed my eyes and sank my teeth in. His blood was sweet. I then realized.... I was hooked, and I could do this.....


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