34th Street | h.s

When Harry's entire world is flipped upside down he was bound to break a rule or two, but does finding a new group of friends and showing a few rebellious outbursts by the dark haired teen land him a new home altogether behind bars?


1. Chapter I



"Mum?" I question, peeking my head into the kitchen where I see her delicate body slumped in her chair.

"Yes hunny?" She answers, removing her frames from her face as she turns to face me.

"Is everything okay?" I ask, studying her eyes as she stares into mine. Exhaustion. Furry. Sadness. The only emotions my mother seems to display now a days. Concern written all over my face, I wait patiently for her to reply.

"It's your father." She sighed, her eyes following my figure as I walk around the kitchen counter and sit across from her. "He's taking us to court. Me." She corrected."He's taking me to court for the divorce. I'm going to lose everything Harry." She began crying and soon I was beside her, hugging her and kissing her hair.

"Everything will be okay mum. I Promise."

"I hope so Harry. I really do." The only words she managed to escape from her trembling lips as her tears fell.


End of Flashback


I knew I shouldn't have made that promise. Why... How could I do that to my mother?!

I swirl the contents found within my glass before taking a gulp, letting the burning sensation fill my throat, easing my nerves. I crinkle my eyes closed for a few seconds.

I call for a flight attendant and soon enough the words "May I have another scotch please" escaped my lips. She smiled and nodded before whisking herself away to fulfill my request.

I rested my head against the makeshift pillow attached to my seat and closed my eyes, the vision of the past few weeks coming back in flashes.




"Harry are you ready? Do you have your suit on? Are you looking nice? Is your shirt ironed? Dear God Harry if your shirt isn't iro-"

"Mum my shirt is fine." I sigh, interrupting her as I open my bedroom door to reveal a petite woman standing just outside my door frame, her legs and arms shaking underneath the pantsuit she wears.

"Are you okay?" I question, walking through our narrow hallway and into the lounge room.

"Oh you don't need to worry about me, I'll be fine." She replied, half smiling. I went to ask further but instead she blurted, "Come on get in the car, we have to be at the courthouse in 15 minutes." And those were the last words spoken up until we pulled up at a large building, where my mothers lawyer awaits.

"Mr Hanson." My mother smiles and gives the man a hug, as I smile at the old family friend standing before us.

He was going to represent my mother today, and boy was he was hopeful as ever, which is good considering he was holding the hope for both of them. My mother had already come to terms that she would lose everything. I as well, was remaining hopeful, but doubtful.


We begin walking inside the large building doors, when I turn to my mother. "Sir?" She exclaims.




End of Flashback


"Sir?" The flight attendant exclaims, as she taps me lightly on the shoulder, startling me. I jump in my seat and she suddenly takes notice.

"Sorry sir, I didn't mean to startle you, it's just, your drink." She smiles, holding up the scotch filled glass, accompanied by floating ice cubes to keep it cool.

"Oh, thank-you." I forcefully smile, removing the drink from her hand and placing it in mine. Not wanting to seem rude, and as she was standing beside me still, hope filling her eyes, I ask, "How much longer on this flight miss?"

Her smile widens when more as she replies, "6 hours and 45 minutes Mr. Styles." She winks as she walks off, presumably to help another passenger.


She winked at me.


Was I giving off the impression I wanted her?


I could not be in a worse mood, how on earth could I be giving off that impression?

I lean back into my seat as I take a sip from my freshly poured drink, making a face as the liquid slides down my throat. I don't think I could ever get used to this, obviously I don't inherent my drinking abilities from my dad.


I scoff.


My dad.


What a pathetic person.


close my eyes once more, the noises that surround me soon fading out of existence and the memories from 2 weeks ago becoming as clear as a summers day.




"I hereby declare the the property in which the house is situated on, as well as 50% of its contents belong to Mr. Styles."

"WHAT?!" I scream, standing up, the gasps and light chatter fade into the distance. I see my father standing there, all smiles and cheers as my mother collapses in her chair, looking as pale as ever.


How could my father do this to his family?! His own son??!


Everyone was ushered out of the court room and I was pushed through a sea of people, trying to find my mother and Mr. Hanson. I found her sobbing by the side of the hallway a minute later, looking into the crowd every once in a while. When our eyes met, she weakly smiled.


I ran over to her and helped rush her out from the crowded hallway and into the parking lot, and then the car, where we said our goodbye's to Mr. Hanson and thanked him, for everything he had done.


I then drove my mother home.


"Sweetie everything will be fine. You'll have to go live with your aunt Heather for a little while, maybe a year at most. Finish your studies there." She mumbled, staring blankly out the car window.

"What mum no I have to be here with you." I pleaded.

"No Harry I need you to leave. I'll sort everything out here. I don't want you caught up in this mess. You need to focus on school."


"No buts Harry sweetie. I'll ring aunt Heather when we get home. I need you out of here asap. Before they... you know"

"Kick us out of our home." I blurt, instantly kicking myself as I did so. I watched as my mother's face fell.



End of Flashback


"Ladies and Gentleman, if you would please fasten your seat belts, we are expecting to land in approximately 15 minutes." The captains voice echoed over the loud speaker, passengers soon following orders and returning to their seat.

I took the last sip of my drink before putting on mine, glancing out the window situated on my left, gazing down through the clouds as I began to see the city in which I would call home for the next year.




As we landed, people began scrambling out of the two exit doors as soon as they could do so. I waited until everyone had left before I stood up, hating crowds, especially in such confined spaces. I reach for my carry on bag located in the compartment above me, and placed it on my shoulder, feeling my shoulders sink as the weight of the bag hits me.

I stroll on through the doors and thank the flight attendants as nicely as I could, not wanting to be rude, before walking through the temporary tunnel leading to the actual airport. As soon as I stride through two big heavy doors I am met with a screaming lady, in her late 30's, charging towards me and nearly bowling me over as she engulfs me in her arms.

I hug her back, allowing my bag to drop to the carpeted floor. As she let go of me and held me in arms length, taking me in, I stared at her blankly.

This woman is not who I remember her as. This woman had curly blonde hair instead of long, ratty black hair, her hazel brown eyes complimented her face now as supposed to the caked on make-up, and her figure was thin and tall instead of fat and tall. This is not a woman I recognised, but none the less I still was fully aware of who she was. 


This was aunt Heather.


—-a/n —


HEY GUYS! okay so I've decided to start a new fanfic, I'm putting my other ones on hold for now I'm having writers block but I thought of a brand new idea and I love it so here it is! I decided to start fresh here and see how it goes.

I promise you I will be trying to update once a week, maybe twice depending on how I feel but I would love it if I could get some feedback from you guys, whether it be favourites or comments on how to make it better!

Feel free to message me anytime I'll try to answer all of them, and please be open minded about this as well.

Sorry this is a big a/n but I promise they all won't be this big.

Big love, jas x


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