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9. You're lost on a hike - Louis

A/N Hi guys! Haven't been active lately because I've been trying to get my Wattpad (@hydrangealou) story up and running. Here's an imagine - hope you like it.


You shoulder your backpack carefully as you manoeuvre your way uncertainly through the rainforest. You're sure you've seen this tree before; the one with the weirdly-shaped branch. Though you're beginning to worry, and the sun is setting, you refuse to let your terror of the dark cloud your judgement. You've been staying at a beautiful Hawaiian resort for the past week, and you frequently take strolls in the forest and its neat path. Only this time, you've decided to take your camera with you - bad idea. You had ventured off the path to take a shot of a unique looking plant... and now you had no idea where you were.

You check your phone again - still no service. You mumble a curse under your breath before moving forward again. You can't hide it - you are terrified and you know it.

Carefully you take a breath to call out, but before you can, another - male - voice rings out.


You stop and freeze in apprehension, spinning around, before you realise what a stupid move it is. What are you even doing?

"Over here!" you call out, hoping whoever the man was, he would come to your rescue.

The bushes behind you rustle, and a young, brown-haired man emerges, blinking at you. He's rather good-looking, with sharp blue eyes and a charming grin

"Oh, hello, love," he says in surprise, "Wasn't expecting to see anyone out here this late."

You groan. "That's because I'm lost."

"Well, good thing I work here then, eh?" he grins cheerfully at you and points to his ranger's uniform. "I'm Louis."

"Y/N." you answer, before sighing in relief as he shows you the path - which hadn't really been far at all. Great. Now you look like an idiot.

"Happens more frequently than you'd think," Louis tells you as you get into the resort cart, regarding the fact that I looked embarrassed. "I'm always telling them to make the damn path clearer."

You smile bashfully and fiddle with the hem of your shirt as he drives.

"Now," he turns to you. "It's getting late. How about I treat you to a burger? Best in town, promise."

All you do is laugh and agree.


A/N Very short and very bad, I KNOW! So many things to do and here I am writing fanfiction. That kinda says a lot about me, lol.


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