Double Life

Double Life is a story about a girl with a famous rock star life and a normal teenager life. Rose Edwards, 18 years old, goes to school like every other normal teenager does but when it's evening she changes herself into a famous rock star named Taylor Stewart and sings and plays guitar in the band Of Mice And Men.
Nobody knows about her double life only her brother and father.
Her life(s) will get a 90 degrees turn around.
#5SOS fan fiction


2. tour-talk

Rose's P.O.V

"Don't forget you have band practice in 60 minutes in the studio! And there's a problem, the car's broken so you have to go by foot. Sorry baby girl!" My dad shouted from down the stairs


I walked over to my other room where I have 4 guitars, a keyboard, a microphone, my closet and some other stuff.

I opened my big closet and took my black ripped skinny jeans, a white 'fuck you' crop top and my black high heels.

I went to the bathroom to change myself into Taylor. I curled my hair and add my extensions. After, I put on very very very much eyeliner and mascara.

When I got ready, I walked towards the studio, which is 20 minutes away of my house as then some girls and guys ran towards me.

"Taylor Taylor!!! Can we have a picture???"

"I love your voice!"

"I want a hug!"

"Guys, I don't have much time so we have to make it quick" I said smiling as they yelled in amaze. They put papers and pens under my nose to sign which I did ofcourse. We took pictures and I gave them all a hug.

"I love you all guys! You mean really much to me and I want to thank you for everything but I have to go now, we're practicing for our next tour" I said and smiled as I then walked away.


I entered the studio and Austin already hugged me.

"TAYLA! You're here! I've missed you baby!" He said kissing my forehead

"I missed you too Aus" I said laughing. He grabbed my hand and pulled me inside the elevator to get to our floor.

"Heeeyyy!!" I shouted

"Hey hey!!" Alan and Aaron yelled back hugging me

"Good. First of all, we already spoke about the world tour, the Full Circle Tour and I'm settleing everything! I've got already 17 countries who want you guys to fill their arena! Some of them are Belgium, UK, USA, Sydney ofcourse! And Canada." Our manager said happy. We all where jumping around.

"So the first concert will be in a WEEK in Sydney so you guys better practice and I'll settle every single thing!"

"Then we better start guys" Alan said laughing

I took my guitar and took my place next to Alan.


"Dad dad dad!!!! We're going on tour!!!" I shouted running inside my house to see my father and brother sitting around the table

"When do you guys leave?"

"Next week we have our first concert here in Sydney" I said jumping around

"Well that's good I guess" my father said smiling


"It's Sophie" my brother said looking through the little window inside the front door. Sophie is my best friend but she doesn't know I'm living a second life in a very popular band.

"Shit! Tell her I'm not home" I said running up the stairs inside the bathroom to remove all the make up. I removed my eyeliner and undo my extentions. I walked to my room and took a blue ripped jeans with a white Guns 'n Roses crop top. I pull on my black all stars.

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