Double Life

Double Life is a story about a girl with a famous rock star life and a normal teenager life. Rose Edwards, 18 years old, goes to school like every other normal teenager does but when it's evening she changes herself into a famous rock star named Taylor Stewart and sings and plays guitar in the band Of Mice And Men.
Nobody knows about her double life only her brother and father.
Her life(s) will get a 90 degrees turn around.
#5SOS fan fiction


5. first show

Taylor's P.O.V


I woke up in the hotel room where we all are staying for two days.

I lifted my arms in the air and jawed as I sat up in my king-size bed. I looked over my right-shoulder to watch the time which is already 11:30 am! I jumped up as then a knock was on my hotel room door.

"I'M COMING!" I yelled as I ran towards the mirror to see how I was looking like. Shit. I look like Rose because I put off my make up and extentions... I put as fast as I could, my extentions on again as another knock was on my door.

"YEAH A SECOND PLEASE!!!" I yelled towards the door

I ran to the door and opened it to see Alan standing infront of me. He looked me up and down as my cheeks burned. I looked down to myself too. I only was wearing my bra and my boxers but with a short shorts above it.

"Oh erm.. I-I'm sorry..." I said laying my hands infront of my bra

"N-no... I-I should be sorry..."

I smiled. "What's wrong?" I asked

"I-I ermm.." He said still looking to my bra and stomach. I looked down to his pants as I saw that his both hands where infront of his crotch on his pants.

"You what?" I asked a bit laughing

"I-I wanted t-to ask if y-you m-maybe wanted t-t-to..." He said not looking to me anymore

"Hmm?" I asked as I took his jaw softly in my hand to turn it to face me again

"If you... Wanted to come to mine and Austin's room m-maybe.."

"Okay but first I'm going to take some clothes"

"Come in?" I asked as he scratched the back of his neck while biting his lip and looking me up and down again. His other hand still was infront of his crotch which made me laugh again.

"W-what?" He asked as I took his hand away and saw a huge buldge in his pants. I laughed as he grabbed my waist and lifted me up out of knowhere. My arms around his neck. His both hands underneath my ass. My legs laid down against his sides. I laughed and so did he. He walked inside my room and threw me on my big bed and sat down on top of me as he started poking my sides. I started screaming as a knock was on my room door.

"TAY? TAY? TAYLOR?! ARE YOU OKAY?!!" Austin asked screaming and knocking on my door

"Y-yea AAAAHHHH STOPPPP" I tried answering but Alan didn't stop poking me

"TAY?! OPEN THIS FREAKIN' DOOR OR I'LL---- WHOOPS SORR-- WHAT THE FACKK?!!! Alan?!!!" Austin had stomped my door to the floor and stood already inside my room.

Alan got off of me as we both got out off the bed, looking to Austin who looks like he saw a ghost. Alan and I where both laughing.

"What the fuck are you doing to her?!!!" Austin yelled as he walked to Alan and grabbed his throath and pushed him up against the wall.

"Austin!" I yelled trying to stop him


"No! No Austin stop it! He was just poking me!!!"

"Without clothes?!!!" He yelled as he finally let go of Alan

"I just woke up an---"

"I hate you, Carlile." Alan said with his both hands on his throath trying to find his breath again. He walked out of my room.

"I-I'm sorry... I- you know how over protective I am and I heard you screaming like hell and I was bouncing on the door but you only screamed and then the door opened on it's own and I-I-I saw Alan on top of you and y-you didn't wear any cloth--"

"It's okay Austin" I said smiling as I stood on my tip toes and hugged him

"He was just poking me, nothing happened. You know what we promised and I think you should say sorry to Alan in the first place." I said letting go and giving him a smile which he returned too

"I guess yeah" he said scratching the back of his neck

"Wait for me, I'll come with you to Alan but first, clothes" I said as we both started laughing.

I walked inside my bathroom and closed the door. I put on a dark blue short dress which is a bit open in the back and my black high heels with studs. I brushed my hair fast and walked towards Austin who sat down on my bed.

"There she is" Austin said smiling. I smiled too.

"Is it okay that I apply my make up fast?" I asked

"Go on" he said smiling

I walked to my box with make up and applied my conditioner, eyeliner and mascara.

"Ready" I said turning around to face Austin who was on his phone


Luke's P.O.V


Calum, Ashton, Michael, Sophie and I are walking to our spots in the Arena. Sophie is fangirling like crazy but we're all excited! After their show, we can go backstage.

We talked a bit as then all the lights go out. Everybody started yelling as 4 guys walked on the stage. One took his place behind the drums and the others walked towards the microphones.

They started with a guitar riff which made everybody go crazy and yelling like hell.

"WE ARE OUR LAST NIGHT!" Trevor said into the microphone as they then started their first song.


Taylor's (Rose) P.O.V


"Sydney! We----" I say into the microphone as everybody started yelling as I laughed

"This is our last song guys, we hope you enjoyed it all!" Alan said while everybody still was yelling.

We started playing our notes of Something To Hide.

--I can't believe what you tell me so I just look away

When you realize you fail me

Lying right through your teeth


Anything I see in you, everything I thought I knew goes away

With every word you say

You betray me!


Can you see the other side of things?

Can we be more than we have become?

I can see that you've got something to hide, something to hide behind those eyes


Eyes, asleep when they're open

So blind, they keep you awake

Can we fix what is broken?

When will you learn from mistakes?


Anything I see in you, everything I know it goes away

I know I don't need it,

I won't be defeated

I won't break

It's you I believed in but you're keeping secrets

You betray (you betray)!


Can you see the other side of things?

Can we be more than what we have become?

I can see that you've got something to hide, something to hide behind those eyes




When you look at me I see right through you

When you look at me I see right through you

When you look at me I see right through you

When you look at me I see right through...


When you look at me I see right through you

When you look at me I see right through you

When you look at me I see right through you

When you're looking at me!


You're fake! Get out of my face!

What a mess you've made!

When you look at me I see right through you


Can you see the other side of things?

Can we be more than what we have become?

I can see that you've got something to hide, something to hide behind those eyes


You're blind, disguised, you lied!

(Behind those eyes)

You're fake

You're out of time!--


"You guys rock!" I said

"I love every single one of you and remember! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!" Austin screamed

We walked to the front and gave them flying kisses with our hands and then walked off. I took my bottle off water and drank it almost empty.

"You guys where awesome!" Our manager said hugging us all.

"In 30 minutes the ViP's are coming so get ready fast!" He said with a stern face

I was walking in a big hallway all alone. Where was everybody of my band? Am I in the wrong hallway maybe? I saw a girl and some boys walking in here too. Oh shit... I turned around so they wont recognize me but I heard the screaming my name. I looked behind as that girl was running towards me. I stopped and turned around to run to her too so she would shut up.

"Shhh please!" I said as I was close enough to see who they are. Luke?! Sophie?!! Calum and Michael andddd Ashton??? Omg...

"Shh shsshhh shhhh please don't yell..." I said as I held my hand on Sophie's mouth who was flipping like hell...

"Please don't... Don't yell please!"

"Okay okay I-I'm calm now oh God is this true? Luke slap me please is this a dream or?! Is this real oh my god slap me somebody!!" Sophie yelled. I slapped her cheek softly so she would stop screaming and fangirling as she now started jumping.

"Okay okay guys, I promise if this crazy girl stop jumping and screaming that I'll take you to my rest room"

Sophie stopped with everything she did as I laughed a bit.

"At least if I find it 'cause I guess I'm in the wrong hall way... But erm guys? Where were you going if I may ask?"

"This is the way to get backstag--"

"IS THAT TAYLOR?" I heard a girl screaming

I saw that Ashton had a sunglasses at his shirt so I grabbed it and put it on my face. Luke was wearing a beanie so I grabbed it off of his head and put it on mine and I asked if I could wear Sophie's jacket so they won't know that it's actually me, Taylor. I started walking where I came from with them behind me.

I saw a placate with ||STAY OUT|| but I didn't care and opened the door and pulled Luke inside with me. The others stood outside to get these others away. It's a really dark place. I tried walking but I almost stumbled pver somthing but I fell in the arms of Luke. There was only enough light to see his face. I felt butterflies flying around in my stomach. His bright blue eyes looking into mine. Our face were getting closer...

"They're gone" Calum said knocking on the door as both Luke and I let go off each other

"Thanks to not let me fall down" I said smiling as he nodded and opened the door.


Alan, Austin, Aaron and Valentino were already back in their rooms for a while but I just hang around in the backstage room with the guys and Sophie.

"We should let her get some sleep too" Ashton said as I smiled at him

"Yeah, I'll walk you guys to your cars?"

"Really? We'd love that!" Sophie said as I nodded

"Okay but erm, first I'm going to change into some other clothes so nobody knows it's me" I said smiling

"You can take my sweater?"

"Really? That'd be nice of you Michael!"

"Well, I really hope that you guys enjoyed the show?"

"We did!!" They all yelled as I laughed

"The day after tomorrow we have a concert in open air, also in Sydney, if you guys wanna come---"

"I BHOUGHT ALREADY TICKETS!!! For all of us ofcourse" Sophie said jumping up and fangirling, wow...

"Hahahaha cool, maybe we could meet up before and after the show?"

"Yeah!" They all yelled. I put Michael's sweater over my head and took Ashton's sunglasses and Luke's beanie.

"I've to ask you something" Luke whispered to me as he put on his beanie on my head

"Go ahead"

"Only 4 eyes, maybe.. You wanna meet up tomorrow with me?" I nodded

"2pm in the parc" I whispered as he nodded

"Why are you guys whispering?" Calum asked as we both turned around

"Just about our song we had together a year ago" I said lying as Luke nodded.


Kelly Baillien 

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