Double Life

Double Life is a story about a girl with a famous rock star life and a normal teenager life. Rose Edwards, 18 years old, goes to school like every other normal teenager does but when it's evening she changes herself into a famous rock star named Taylor Stewart and sings and plays guitar in the band Of Mice And Men.
Nobody knows about her double life only her brother and father.
Her life(s) will get a 90 degrees turn around.
#5SOS fan fiction


1. 01.

Rose's P.O.V


Hey guys! So I'm Rose Edwards and I live in Australia. Sydney to be correct. I'm an 18 year old girl with blonde long hair and a blue eye collor.

I go to school like all the teenagers but nobody knows that I, Rose Edwards, is in THE band Of Mice And Men.

When me and the band have practice, tours or concerts, I put on very much eyeliner and mascara. Also I change my hair with extentions. My second identity is Taylor Stewart.

You probably want to know how I got into the famous life?

Well, I always had a second life. I have a song together with Luke Hemmings, Tayler Hagen, Our Last Night and Oliver Sykes. So, One day I had a concert together with Johnnie Guilbert, my best famous friend, and Austin Carlile was there. He had a ViP pass. He asked me to go one day to their band practice and we became friends.

He told me about his mother who passed away through the Marfan Syndrome, just like mine...

Our bond became closer as he asked me to go on tour with him and the band as their amusement program. When the tour ended, they asked if I wanted to join the band which I didn't refuse!

So that's how I became a part of his band.

Nobody knows I live a secret life, only my father Ray and my brother Dylan.


(This is a short chapter but the next ones are longer!

add me on instagram: kellybaillien)

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