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9. Day 8- 16 & Virgin???



Sup people of Movellas,

Today's topic is 16 & virgin.
What the heck is she on about, you must be wondering. Well like always my diary entries are about me (well obviously, because this is MY diary). So yes, I am 16 (turning 17), I am 100% sure I've mentioned that to you before but just in case you're a new comer, I am 16. If you read my '50 facts about me' you would have read that one of the facts was that I've never and I mean n e v e r have had a boyfried, boyfie, lover, bae whatever you want to call it. I've had a thing with 1 boy when I was 14 and we thought we were in love and we were going to do 'IT' and whatever 14 year olds think when they're in a relatioship (or almost in one in my case). I feel so stupid now though, like I was so lame back then. We would talk on the phone for hours until the sun rose and then still talk on the way to school. In the end, it didn't really work out, we had a thing for like 4 months (give or take) and when we first started talking he had a beautiful girlfriend, like r u srs? I watch way too many drama shows, so I should've known what was up but being 14 and stupid, I went there. His girlfriend ended up breaking up with him and then we had a thing after. Do i hear rebound? Lmao. Oh well. So on the lines of not having a boyfriend, I've never been kissed by a boy, never held hands, never done anything sexual. I feel like an endangered species because I'm  telling you now, the majority of people who are my age are not virgins. Heck, people who are younger than me are not virgins. 
Totally not saying its bad to do it at this age and I'm not saying it's good. It's really your choice, if you're happy and 100% sure you want to, then go for it. 
But yeah that's it from me  today, just wanted to give you a little in sight of things, anyway keep doing you and live the nun life, because I sure am haha. 



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