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Malo aiga o Movellas (Hello Movellas family),

Today I basically had like half a day at school because I have 2 spares. There wasn't much too it although school has been incredibly s t r e s s f u l . 

So you've guessed it, today's entry is all about how school is so stressful (probably noticed from the title as well, hahaha).

I can not stress enough about this topic! School is suppose to be a place where you're in a happy environment and you learn things that you actually need in life but here I am in my last year and they always expect more of you. The majority of things they teach you, you won't ever use again. They make you decide which career path you want at such a young age, your whole life depends on 1 decision you make in grade 10 (well in the region I live in that is). It's completely ridiculous. Then they tell you that you're not smart enough to do OP or you will bring everyone else's mark down so they encourage you not to do it. Most of the time the school discourages you and makes you feel so frustrated that you eventually think you're stupid because they make it seem like that. 

On top of that my school and their uniform policy is despicable. All they care about is correct shoes, correct this, correct that. If we don't wear white sport shoes with our sport uniform then it's an automatic detention even if you have a note, you need a good reason to why you are not wearing white shoes. WHAT DOES WHITE SHOES HAVE TO DO WITH OUR EDUCATION? WHAT DOES WHAT WE LOOK LIKE HAVE TO DO WITH HOW WE LEARN? I CAN NEVER UNDERSTAND THIS NEVER! 

The school I go to also cares more about our bloody school uniform policy then people getting bullied. They say go to them when you get bullied and they will sort it out but all they do is give the person who is bullying a slap on the wrist and that's it but for some reason you get how many detentions until you wear the right uniform. It is beyond me why my school does this. This may be just by point of view but seriously, they need to sort out their priorities, because I'm pretty certain bullying is more important than what you look like. 

I'm getting pretty worked up about this now, so that's all from me. Stop being mean to people and go live the nun life. 



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