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7. Day 6- Formal Talk



Heyyyyy people of Movellas

As you all know my formal/prom is this year and I'm like pretty chilled about it because it's approx. 6 months away (more or less). Basically the majority of the girls in my cohort already have their dress or know exactly what they're getting and I have barely looked and have no bloody idea what I want. Did I mention I'm indecisive af. 

So my grade has a page named 'formal dresses', where you can make sure no one has the same formal dress as you or whatever and I made a post stating that and if people have any suggestions please hit me up. The majority of people who replied said red. I think I would look nice in red but my older sister wore red, so I'm not completely sure if I should because she did. Maybe I should ask if she's cool with it, because idk, just in case. 

I think I want my dress to not be too bedazzled, more simple with probably one jaw-dropping part, does that make sense? I don't think part is the proper word to use. I want my shoes to have a thick heel because I do not want to fall or roll my ankle or anything like that and to just keep it simple- white. I'm not too sure if I want my hair to be up or down either, there I go again being all indecisive haha. 

On the topic of formal, I have this cute little book I made where I just printed out my ideas for formal and glued it in there because I have no idea what I want for sure, at least I have a little idea, you know? 
Talking about formal always gets me so hyped up for it, I legit can't wait! WOOOOOO! 

Anyway, that's enough formal talk. I'll let you know if I find what I want for sure. Keep living the nun life, like the beautiful human you are. 



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