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37. Day 33- Catch Up



Howdy y'all,

I feel like this entry will be a little long just because I'm catching you up on like a whole 4 weeks, oml. But nothing really interesting happened. 

Uh on the first Thursday of the holidays (which was like 3 weeks ago maybe) I went formal shopping with E and Lem, it was so like not fun hahaha. Okay, so I'm like so indecisive and I couldn't choose which dresses to try and which ones not to, so obviously they were getting like annoyed of me to the max, like oops. But then we went out for lunch and had GYG, which was so good. That was basically my highlight of that day haha. 
Then on the 5th of July it was Ruta's 25th birthday and we did high ropes, such an amazing experience. It was different but we all pushed ourselves to keep going, so that was lots of fun!
On the Thursday before school started up again Maximas and I made late minute plans and decided to go to the movies. Knowing Maximas, we watched 'Magic Mike XXL', not complaining though hahaha. The story line is so crap but Channing Tatum, ughhhh! And the sound track was actually on point! After that Maximas cornered me and made me get my nails done with her, she shouted me also because she wasn't too sure if she would have money on my birthday, aw, cutest bff, hey? 

I didn't see Reagan the whole holidays, we were suppose to but our plans kept colliding. 

It was back to school time, it wasn't all bad, pretty chilled but that's because it was the first week back. 

I also didn't see Reagan that entire first week back but that was because we knew we were going to see each other on the weekend as the both of us were going to attend a camp where numerous school's go. 

I'll write a different diary entry on that though because it's pretty long ahaha. 

That's pretty much all you missed tbh, not too exciting haha

Hope you're all caught up now and living the nun life x



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