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4. Day 3- 50 Facts About Me


Hola to the world of Movellas,

Today was quite boring, I don't even remember what happened haha. So, I'm going to tell you fifty facts about myself (well try to anyway).

1. I was born on 1st of August '98
2. I live in Australia 
3. My favourite colour is pink (yes, a sterotypical girl colour)
4. I've probably tried writing a diary millions of times and I always forget about it haha.
5.I'm only up to 5 and I've ran out of facts about me haha
6. I actually enjoy going to school, but for all the wrong reasons. 
7. My favourite subjects are Maths and English
8. Since year 10, I've wanted to become an English teacher (idk anymore though)
9. Sometimes I can be a teacher's pet, but better being the favourite student than the worst, right? Hahaha
10. I had surgery at the age of 15
11. I have my L's and get my P's in September of this year.
12. I can play the piano
13. I like to go online shopping and putting things in my 'wishlist' but never end up buying it.
14. I am unemployed, but wish I did have a job. I WANT MONEY :(
15. On the topic of wanting a job, I actually haven't applied to any because I don't want to get rejected, aw ahaha :(
16. I adore friendships and meeting new people. 
17. I have the weirdest mood swings sometimes, one minute I'll be fine and the next I'll be crying and have no reason why. Please tell me I'm not the only one.
18. I have a twin but she lives in New Zealand.
19. I wanted to be a beauty guru once upon a time, but I don't even wear make-up, so that wouldn't work. 
20. My room is so messy, I want to clean it but I never find the motivation to actually do it. 
21. My formal is on the 16th of November (approx 6 months away) and I don't even know what colour I'm going to wear. 
22. I'm incredibly unorganised.
23. I have a dog who is a rottweiller (full-breed) and another who is an american something.
24. I am seriously addicted to tv series, I think I need help. If you know any good ones, comment below!
25. YES, I'M HALFWAY NOW "meet me halfway.."
26. I currently do a diploma in business
27. I've never had a boyfriend
28. I've never tried starbucks, but I really want to. American's make it seem so goooood. 
29. When I was 12 I used to be inlove with 1D
30. When I was in primary school I used to love Hannah Montana, let's just say I was her biggest fan. (may or may not still be one)
31. The only bone I have ever broken is my arm and I broke it on a bus when I was 10 years old and it was on photo day. 
32. The doctor's took out my appendix
33. I am the 5th smartest in my Maths class
34. Family is my everything.
35. I have 4 other siblings- 2 sisters and 2 brothers
36. I also have a family at school, we argue, we laugh. They're my ohana. 
37. My whole family owns iPhones, except me who has an Android.
38. I love wearing sneakers, that a preferably white or black. 
39. I'm a size 9/10/11 in shoes, depending on the brand. 
40. I like reading. I just want to buy a library and read every single book. (On that note, I actually only like reading like fantasy/ drama books)
41. English is my first language but I can also speak a little French that I learnt in primary & high school and Samoan (I  understand it but I don't speak fluently).
42. I have a best friend named 'Reagan', this may or may not be his real name.
43. I enjoy taking photos of every moment, to just remember what happened. 
44. I can be so lazy that I don't shave my legs for quite a while hahaha.
45. I want to do something different with my hair but idk what. 
46. I prefer exams rather than assignments, because you get it over and done with.
47. I have mixed emotions on going to university/ college. 
48. I can't tollerate people who are always negative.
49. I can be very antisocial when I'm at home, I hibernate and stay in my room while watching tv shows & movies and stuff my face with food.
50. I am a proud Christian.

It was actually so hard thinking of 50 things, never doing that again haha. If you read all that, good on you! Stay safe and keep living the nun life. 


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