Living The Nun Life

Read all about my not so interesting life, my thoughts and whatever else. I can't promise it will be good but it won't to have a little read.


31. Day 29- First Argument w/ Reagan



Hey y'all

Today was boring. 

Went and saw Reagan. Reagan's enemy came and tried to talk to me before I went in. He hanged around me for a while. Reagan got angry. Reagan and I had an argument. Anna was talking crap about us to Radz (the enemy) and JP. Reagan told her to stop talking crap. Anna said f off Reagan then we went and caught the bus with JP. When we were walking off Anna tried saying bye to me but I'm not allowed to talk to her. So Reagan and I are allgoods now. Our first ever argument, so glad it's over hahaha. Idk what I would do if we weren't friends no more. So yeah that's the short story of today, hahaha. 

I've had a lot of long stories so I thought I would shorten this one down.

That's pretty much it, have a good one guys and live the nun life. 




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