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30. Day 28- Chilled Day


Its only day 28 and I have ran out of different ways to say hello, hahaha, nevermind.
Howdy mate.
My eyes began to open as I felt my bed, looking for my mobile to check what time it was. I turn it on and my eyes try to adjust themselves to see what the clock read out- "4:57". What the flip? I woke up a few minutes before 5. I woke up before my alarm clock. How the heck. It was still dark out but since Sunday I was telling myself I would wake up early today to go for a run. Although yesterday I didn't because I woke up too late, so this was the perfect opportunity. I didn't go outside until around 5:30 but that was mainly because it was way to dark and mum had covered the treadmill with a cloth and I wasnt too sure if I was allowed to rake it off. But I told myself that I was just making up excuses and if I want to get more fit and healthy then this is where it starts! 
So I jogged for 15 minutes and then did some planks and sit ups for the next 15 minutes. Love awoke because she had to go to work and popped her head in to say "go girl" hahaha. After that I was starving and it was now 6 o'clock because I went and had a shower. I also made some eggs and then began to make my brothers, dads and my own lunch. It was a productive morning! 
Anyway, today was so chilled. I thought yesterday was KB, today was KB x100 (KB= kick back, just I'm case you didn't know hahaha.) In every single class all we did was chill. In English we played picturenary. While the other group played poker with cards. Pretty chilled I tell you. 
I'm once again at the bus stop waiting for the 4 o'clock bus. I could have caught the 3:30 but stupidy decided to stay and catch the 4. Mostly to wait and see if Reagan would catch it with me but idk where he is. Tawaka walked me here and now he's gone home to change and eat then he has to come back because he has dance practise with Anna. 
They're in a crew and theyre going to compete in H.O.C (house of champions.) The winners win $20 000 I think. 
I might go watch him compete just to be a good friend. 
Anyway it is freezing here in Australia because its winter. But tbh, I love winter. It must be because I was born in August which is in winter, or idk. let me know in the comments what season is your favourite.


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