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29. Day 27- Reagan and I... And Tawaka




I feel like I write way too much about Reagan, so if you think so too then please leave a comment and tell me to shush up hahaha. 
Today started off normal, I bloody told myself I was going to go for a run on the treadmill early in the morning but I didn't even hear my alarm go off, oops. 

I went to school, with my hair all in a messy, greasy pony tail. 

First period Alessana and I just talked and talked and talked. The teacher would tell us to shush but we just kept yapping about everything and nothing, if that makes sense. He's having doubts about taking Anderson to the formal as well, uh-oh. 

Second period I had Marine, my teacher was suppose to be gone because he's going to be acting principle for another school for a couple of months but surprisingly he was here.  He marked our assignments and exams, I was lucky enough to pass considering how little work I did on both. While he marked all the assessments, the rest of us just chilled in our little groups and chatted about formal mostly. What colour we were getting, who's going with who, y'know the usual formal questions. 

Third period, Mrs A was away so she emailed all of us and assigned us to answer some questions to complete. Of course since we had a relief teacher, no body did their work, except me hahaha. Then the girls and I were talking about formal, and the girls were discussing how I should do my hair and what not because I have nothing organised, oooooops!
Fourth period I had a spare and decided to go home early because I told Reagan I would get there early so we could chill. 

Luckily all my buses ran smoothly and I got there at 2:10pm but he didn't arrive until 2:40pm. While I waited, I ordered a regular coffee and ate a brownie that my sister had baked the night before. 

He finally arrived, we talked about how boring our day was and what happened during them.

We then decided to go inside the actual mall, because he wanted to order a pizza as well as go to the bathroom. 

As I waited outside for him, I was just on my phone trying to act antisocial so no one would come up to me. Itt was then I heard someone say "Hey, what are you doing here?" As I look up, it's Tawaka. 

Oh damn it runs through my head because Tawaka always mocks me about Reagan because he thinks we have a thing and this only makes his assumptions grow. 

"Oh nothing." I replied
"So who's bag is that then? Who are you with?" He questions me. 

I look down to the seat to see Reagan's bag, I stumble and say "Idk." Then I broke out and said "Nah, it's Reagan's bag."
He gave me that look that everyone gives me when they think I have a boyfriend, y'know that lovey dovey look. He then responded "So, where is he?"
blah blah blah, the convo went on then Reagan came out. As soon as he saw Tawaka, a smile jumped to his face "Sup bro." 

Tawaka then asks "So what are you two doing", with that bloody smirk he does, like the emoji!

Not like we were doing anything 'couple-like' anyway. We replied "Just going to buy a drink."

We all just had a quite long and awkward silence when Tawaka says "Oh yeah sure, I'll come."

Then I said in a sassy way "Uh, no one invited you?" Then Reagan and I started cracking up hahaha. I was 100% kidding though hahahaha. 
The rest of the afternoon we were just having a good chat about basketball, life, formal and random shizzle. It was good fun.

It then hit 4 o'clock and Reagan and I decided to catch the bus as Tawaka walked home. 

Idk why but there's always a number of empty seats on the bus but Reagan and I always sit together on the one seat. He was just telling me how he wants to start getting fit an how he's going to be getting fit these holidays and he was asking me if we could chill as well and I should go over and what not. 
Becauseeeeee, we were talking before and we were suppose to chill a couple of weekends ago and watch Lord of The Rings, but he said his cousin was over so he was going to go to Dyls' (his guy bff) house. Then the next day I realised that Reagan always makes stupid lies like that up to get out ofo going somewhere and I told him today and he was like yeah and then told me what really happened hahahaha. 

Anyway this is getting overboard and way too long. I got home, then dad came home and said we're going for a drive, so we drove for an hour, had dinner after and now it's 10:23pm and I wanted to go sleep early but that was a fail, lmao. Keep living the nun life.


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