Living The Nun Life

Read all about my not so interesting life, my thoughts and whatever else. I can't promise it will be good but it won't to have a little read.


27. Day 25- Lunch with the Squad



3:35pm (current time) 
Today was my last block exam, hallelujah! I did pretty well on it as well, hahaha well I think I did. I answered majority of questions if that counts as anything... 
After that Tawaka, Kimmy, Pat, Tina, Lena, Shaemus, Sammy and I all went to Hogs Breath, to celebrate finishing exams. The feed we has was amazeballs! So filling as well. Lena then bought the rocky road sundae to share, holy mack it was massssssive! Could feed all eight of us, Kimmy also bought ... which was also nice. It was so yum, still pretty full. I have a food baby and everything hahaha. Food coma for sure, could so sleep right now. 
Pat, Tawaka and I all caught the bus back home. Times like this I wish I had my P's so I would be able to drive myself places without having to catch public transport. Oh well, only a few more months then no more waiting. 
I sit here alone with my head phones in, hoping no one will come up and talk to me because I'm hella tired and so anti right now. 
I could have caught the 3:30pm local but idk, I wanted to see if Reagan was catching the bus and so someone I know could see my on point outfit hahaha. So its 3:49 and Reagan hasn't showed up, sometimes I wish he had a phone but oh well. 
I'm so tired, half of me wished I did catch the 3:30 bus so I could go sleep but the other half just wanted to chill here at the bus stop and breath the nice fresh air while waiting to see Reagan or those other people I know who go to a different school. We'll see what happens. Only 9 minutes left until the next bus comes, woo. Keen to have a nap, I'm a bloody old lady haha.



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