Living The Nun Life

Read all about my not so interesting life, my thoughts and whatever else. I can't promise it will be good but it won't to have a little read.


23. Day 21- First Block Exam



I only have one block today and it's English. I'm not full stressing out about it and idk why the heck I'm not. I feel like I did quite a lot but I also feel like I repeated myself too much, aw. This week is going to be hella stressful. I only have 3 more exams to do though, and I have Wednesday and Thursday off, thank goodness! 

Today was bloody crack up though. I was going to leave early to do my assignments at home but I remembered that I told Reagan that I would see him today, so I just decided to stay until school finished so I could just catch the school bus there. 

All day, while we were in the library finishing other school work, we were being so loud. Laughing like there was no tomorrow and I kept freshing out (which means like, I didn't say the word properly) which made us laugh even harder. It's always such a mission to do actual school work while being surrounded by the ohana because it's so distracting hahaha. 

I then went to see Reagan after school and they were just sitting in Hungry Jacks. There were a group of boys sitting with him and Bright Eyes. I just assumed it was one of the girls I knew that were facing their back to me as I walked in but, as my bag accidentally hit her and I apologised and sat down, I realised it wasn't the girl I thought it was. It was Breeana, the girl who Reagan used to be head over heels for.  I don't really know her very well but she like looked at me and I tried to smile at her but she did not attempt to smile back, a w k w a r d as. Luckily Bright Eyes and Reagan had my back because I was sitting all the way on the other side with the girls while they were on the opposite side. Bright Eyes moved so I could sit closer to them, shout out to Bright Eyes for that!

We decided to catch the bus early today and caught the 3:30 one, Reagan then showed me his school photos. Oh my life, they're so funny. He tried so hard to look real cool and skuxx but it completely failed because he just looks confused haha. I told him that I wanted one and he said I have to put it in my wallet. 

OHHHHHHHH, and when I got home and awoke from my wonderful nap, my sister and Po brought me a 800mL Voss bottle, I always wanted one last year, but I didn't know where from. SO very thankful that they got me one. 

That's pretty much it dudes, live the nun life to the fullest hahaha! 


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