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21. Day 19- Part 2- Boyfriend?



Oh hey, feels like I haven't talked to y'all in a while ;) 

Welcome back so if you just skipped to this diary entry this is part 2 of the same day as "Day 19- Part 1- Late as, oh well." You don't really have to read that one to connect the stories but it would be greatly appreciated. 

So as every Friday, I stay back after school for my diploma lesson for 2-3 hours. Today we didn't do much because half of the class didn't show up (half meaning like 5 people because there's only 10 in our diploma class). So we decided to focus on our Business exam instead because majority of us are in that class besides Stroothers. 

You're probably like why the heck is R talking about her bloody diploma class if this title clearly states boyfriend? Who is this so called boyfriend? Can she hurry up and tell us. Well I am getting there, just wait hahaha. 

So during that time after school, I actually had credit. Usually I never do, just because I'm always at home and there's really no point because we have wifi, and that's all I use my credit on as well- for data. 

I was just talking to Reagan through messanger and we were only talking like briefly, then he called me up. Obviously, I left the class to go talk outside because I didn't want to be rude and sit inside while they were working on our Business Exam. 

Alessana then came outside a couple of times, by like the 3rd time he was like "ohhhhh, R has a boyfriend." He kept repeating it over and over, so I then cracked and said something about him and his formal date because he had told me earlier that he wasn't too sure if he wanted to go with her any more. 

Reagan just called me because he wanted to fill me in with everything that happened at school today because there was a fight between two girls and how pissed he was because one of the girls was his formal partner. 

After talking for like half an hour, Mr 'Bumboy' came out and was like "Aw, so who's this boy you're talking to?" With that face that states that they think something's up, like idk it's hard to explain. I was then like omg, honest to who Alessana went into class and told them I had a boyfriend when I clearly do not, haha. So I walked in the door and they were all giving me that lovey dovey look as I yelled out "shut up Alessana, you and Anderson are cute!" He then looked at me with hatred as I walked out laughing.

Reagan asked what was going on and I told him how they all think he's my boyfriend and what not, then he started acting all tough saying he can take them all if they're talking smack haha. 

We then carried on talking about everything, as per usual. Formal was one of the topics we stumbled across, he asked who I was going with and I told him I might be going with Isaak because everyone's hassling me to and because we were like bffs back in the day. He came out straight away "Nope, you can go with Pat." (Pat is one of my close friends who is a girl). Then he was like I'll make you and him stand like a metre away from each other for your formal photo's hahaha and then he goes "I'm going to be your formal date just so no one else will be." 

As you can tell Reagan is very much the protective type, like we're just kidding but he kinda isn't hahaha. 

So yeah idk who I'm going formal with, we'll see. 

Buuuuuut yeah apparently I have a boyfriend and apparently it's Reagan. People always be assuming hahaha. 

That's part 2 dude, keep living the nun life. Stay updated for the next entry. 


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