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20. Day 19- Part 1- Late as, oh well.


"It's Friday, Friday, got to get down on Fridayyyyy..." My care teacher was playing that song this morning, and oh my life I hope he does not ever play it again hahahaha. 

Hello my Movella crew, 
Happy Friday! Friyay? Idk. My Marine assignment is due today, and yes you've guessed it! I still haven't completed it. I've done like 400+ words but the word limit is 1500 hahaha. I am so fluffed. I feel so damn bad for handing in assignments late, not that bad since I always do it. 
Okay, so after 1st period (when I had Marine), he didn't even ask for it. Majority of the class handed it in but Tawaka and I didn't, oops.
I have Diploma 3rd and 4th period, then again after school for 2-3 hours. I only went to the 3rd period one and then attended my regular class in 4th period because we were learning a new unit. In Diploma we got assigned to a new assignment on Projects, it seems pretty easy and we started it during that lesson also. 
After school we just went to Maccas as per usual and ate, but I didn't eat because I had no money. Alessana shouted me a burger, but I wasn't very hungry so I told him he can eat it. 
Stroothers, Danielle, Alessana and I all walked back to school, on our way there we found a handball and then decided to have a little game before going to Diploma. Let me tell you this though, we were suppose to be back at 3 and it was already 3:30 and we still decided to play handball, may as well come real late then, am I right? Hahahaha.  
P.S. There's going to be like 2 parts to this day but in 2 different diary entries because the next ones going to be hella to the long. 
Go press the arrow to read Part 2 of today :) 


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