Living The Nun Life

Read all about my not so interesting life, my thoughts and whatever else. I can't promise it will be good but it won't to have a little read.


17. Day 16- Formal Date? + Free Cheese Burgers




Today, I was on the bus and T-Joy called me, then she mumbled "Alex said he wants you to ask Isaak to formal" I was puzzled, and asked her to repeat it, she said what I thought. Me ask Issak to formal? This has to be some sort of joke. 

Quick summary of who Isaak is- He and I were best friends since year 8 but our friendship kinda went lopsided in year 11 and we're not very close anymore. 

It's not like it's a big deal if I do go with him, it's just a surprise because I wasn't really expecting to go with anyone in particular, I thought we were all just going as a group. Oh well, we'll see, I told Alex I would talk to him about it tomorrow.

Anyway, after school Karlos, Tawaka, Pablo and I all got off the bus so we could get a feed at hj's (Hungry Jacks). We didn't have enough money to get proper meals, so we all ordered one soft serve ice-cream and a frozen drink. We would then ask for separate receipts for both of the items. Once we had 2 receipts we would go on the free wifi and complete their survey and then go back to the register and they would give us a free cheeseburger, it was that easy hahaha. I also saw Reagan there and he just asked what bus I was catching and blah blah blah, that's boring. 

It was like 4:30pm, Reagan, Scandy, Taki and someone else walked in. Taki and I were talking because last year we used to be quite close, but not so much now and we were just calling each other snobs and what not. 

Everyone then went there separate ways to go home, Tawaka and Pablo one ways, and Karlos, Reagan and I another. 

We missed the 4:30pm bus because Reagan wanted to eat his cookies-and-cream ice-cream without rushing it. Karlos was texting her boyfriend D-dog is what I call him as Reagan and I were catching up. We were talking about random things as he stops looks at me and then removes hair from my mouth and continues, idk why but I like it when he does that. It's not like I'm going to purposely put hair in my mouth while I talk but yeah hahaha. 

The bus eventually came and then we went home and talked to Reagan online because he told me that he thinks he accidentally made Taki cry, oops

Be happy and live the nun life. 



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