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13. Day 12- Reagan & My Dad




Today was pretty chilled, didn't do much. After school I was catching the bus home and when I looked outside the window when we were pulling up near the mall I seen Reagan walking, I poked the ugliest face I could while Reagan signalled me to get off the bus. So I ran off the bus and walked towards him and his friends- Scandy and JP. Reagan and I walked together while the other two walked in front of us. He was telling me how a boy in our grade that went to his school had committed suicide. It was so sad, people need to remember that suicide is a permanent thing for only a temporary problem, so stay in there kid. Side note- if any of you reading this are having problems or need someone to talk to or listen to you, I'm here. Just throw me a message and I'll be here to talk because what is that saying people say, something along the lines of strangers are better to talk to because they don't know you. Idk, something like that. 
Anyway, Reagan and I went and bought a drink and  then ordered some hot chips, sat outdoors and talked for what seemed like hours, about absolutely everything. We then went to catch the bus and walked the long way around, Then someone made a weird sound, so I looked back and it was my dad at the ATM. Oh my goodness was the only thing running through my head. You could see on Reagan's face that he was thinking the same thing, oh crap. 

Not like we have anything to hide but my dad is a very protective man (like most dad's are of their little girl) and he looks pretty scary if you didn't know him, but when you do, he's like a big wise teddy bear. I asked Reagan if he wanted a lift then asked my dad if we could drop him off because he literally just lives down the road. Buttttt, first we had to change Timmy's wheel (Timmy is my car btw haha). The place was only down the road and it only took like 2 minutes. When we hopped in the car, we decided to sit at the back. Timmy is such a small car. So when we sat in there, Reagan went in first and his bag was on my seat, I was waiting for him for ages (meaning like 30 seconds haha) then he finally moved it and was like "sorry bruh", from then I knew that this drive he's going to continue calling me bruh, bro and whatever not cute name he could think of. 

After the wheel was changed, dad threw me the keys and said "Wanna drive?" Without even waiting for my answer he threw the other L plate at me to go put on the back and sat in the passenger seat, when I jumped in the driver's seat I was like "Ready to see me drive Reagan?"

He replied "Keen as." 

What was real amusing is that we were talking about how my driving skills were going earlier in our conversation and I was telling him how I was getting better but I still need lots of practise. 

When I was waiting to cross over, the car kept stalling because I was on some sort of ditch or something and the road was real busy and yeah, was not a good day for me. Reagan laughed at me because I stalled AGAIN, I was so over it and snapped jokingly while saying "Well I least I got my L's Reagan" then it went silent hahaha. 
I finally took him home and then dad and I drove back to the field where my mother and the children were playing Red Rover, Red Rover. 
When I got home I was messaging Reagan and he told me how scared he was of my dad and how he kept calling me bruh and bro because he didn't want my dad to assume we were a couple (which we aren't) and yeah hahaha because Reagan has only met my dad a couple of times, actually only once or twice last year and they never really had a proper conversation. 
Anyway yeah, that was it for my today. Hope you had a good day and stay updated with living the nun life. 


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