#WhatMakesMEHappy x10

Entry to the #whatmakesyouhappy competition


2. Movies/Series

Movies. Movies makes me happy. They give me hope. Hope in love, hope in life, hope in happiness.

I love movies. Funny, sad, happy, romantic, dramatic, action, musical, family. I love them all. Not horror so much. They're scary. Can't sleep without music after horror movies.

My favourite happy movies are 'Grease' and 'Love Actually'. They give me loads and loads of hope. They're great.

Happy times.

Series. Series makes me happy. Just as movies they give me hope. They show me love, friendship.

All kinds of series. I love them all. From 'Full House' to 'Supernatural' to 'SpongeBob SquarePants'. They're all great series. Showing me issues and how to deal with them. They're supergreat.

Happy times.

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