After Lauren falls off of the ship, Niall jumps in and saves her. They end up abandon on a desserted island. Will they ever get home?


1. Vacation

"Lauren are you packed?" Yelled mom. "Yea im coming!" I hollered back. "This is going to be a perfect family vacation isn't honey?" My dad asked. "Yea it would be if you two weren't going." I mumbled under my breath. "What's that sweetie?" My mom said. "I said that I can't wait to spend time with you guys and i'm super excited!" I said sarcastically. "We better hurry, our flight leaves in 15 minutes." Said dad as we walked out of the door. When we arrived at the airport, we gave the lady our passports and boarded onto the plane. 5 hours later, the plane landed and we rented a car to drive to the dock so we could get on the cruise ship. It only took about 10 minutes to drive from the airport to the dock so it didn't take long. "Hi welcome to the cruise!" Said some lady. "I will give you a tour, this way please." She said. "Ok so this is the bottom deck. This is where the water park is located, the hot tub, the smoothie bar, and vending machines. We also have areas to relax and tan." She stated. We walked a few feet and saw some more things. "This is the arcade with more games than you can ever think of! In front of it is the dining areas and buffets." Then we went up about 6 or 7 steps and stopped in front of a hallway. "These are the rooms that our guests stay in." Then we got on and elevator. "This is the sky deck. This is also another place to relax and hang out. If you look to your left, you will see our spa and gift shops and pool area. Now I will tell history on this ship." "It all started in 1945 when-" she started to talk but I totally zoned out. I saw a blonde headed, blue eyed boy walk out of the pool. He was so perfect. I was in a daze. "Honey come on let's go to our rooms" mom said as I followed behind still looking at the boy. "Ok sweetie. Since you are 17, we are going to give you your own room. But don't worry, ours is right across the hall." Mom smiled. Dad handed me my key and I went into my room. Imediatley, I through my bags down and ploped down on my bed. I was so tired so I feel asleep at 11am and woke up at 1pm. Damn. I was bored so I decided to text my best friend Sofia.

L: Hey

S: Hey

L: What's up

S: Nothing. Im at my grandma's boring cabin.

L: Haha

S: So how's your cruise going?

L: Good so far I guess, I got my own room thank god.

S: See any hot boys..?

L: Yeah one.

S: Get itttt

L: Shit, I couldn't my parents are right across the hall haha

S: Lol.

L: Well i'll talk to you later, have fun at your cabin

S: Yeah i'll try. Bye lol

L: Bye

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