After Lauren falls off of the ship, Niall jumps in and saves her. They end up abandon on a desserted island. Will they ever get home?


9. The Mission

Liam's POV

"Ok guys. We are going to take this boat right here and hopefully come back with Lauren and Niall." Said Louis. Some camera crew, pap, and other guests were watching us as we boarded the small boat. At 10 am, we took off. We went west and tried to look out for an island. After about I think 3 hours, we saw an island ahead. "Look it's an island." Said Zayn as he pointed to the island in front of us.

Lauren's POV - At the island

"Look Niall what's that?" I told Niall. "It looks like a boat." He exclaimed. "Do you think it's here to rescue us?!" I said happily. "Well we will find out." Smiled Niall. He picked me up and spun me around as he kissed me. Soon the boat got closer and we could definatley tell who it was. "Oh my god. Mom, Dad?!" I yelled as I ran up to the boat. They hugged me really tight. "Niall!" The boys screamed as they tackled Niall. "Let's get out of here." Niall said as he kissed me. "Oh. Um yeah. We are kinda a thing now." I said nervously. "Oh and if you think that's crazy guess what-" "Niall shh" I laughed. We got onto the boat. "So what were you going to tell us sweetie?" My mom asked. Everyone looked so interested to know. Niall put his arm around me. "Ok so.. Me and Niall are going to have a baby.." I said. Everyones jaws dropped. "Honey. Your 17." Said Mom. "I know. But I think I can do this. Especially with Niall." I smiled. "Well welcome to the family son!" My dad exclaimed as he shook his hand. "I can't wait to tell my parents." Niall smiled. "We are just so glad to have you guys both back!" They told us. A few hours later, the small boat arrived back to the cruise ship and everyone cheered.

Reporter: Niall and Lauren have been found!

R: Niall! Niall! Are you and Lauren together?!

N: Yes.

R: Is there any other news?

N: We are having a baby!

R: Congrats! Any words to the fans?

N: Thanks. I'm back everyone and I'm glad i'm back!

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