After Lauren falls off of the ship, Niall jumps in and saves her. They end up abandon on a desserted island. Will they ever get home?


7. Sorry

Niall's POV

I started to walk back to the shelter and I heard little sniffles and knew it had to be Lauren. "Lauren are you awake?" I whispered. She turned away from me. "We need to talk about earlier." I said. "There's nothing to talk about Niall." She said as she sat up. "I'm sorry I acted the way I did." I apologized. She still ignored me and I saw a tear roll down her check. "I was just stressed about getting home and I wasn't thinking." I said. "I thought didn't love me anymore and were going to leave me." She said as more tears came. "Even if I didn't love you, I wouldn't leave you all alone. I love you Lauren." I said as I held her in my arms. "So are you happy about the baby?" She asked me. "I'm going to be a daddy, i'm thrilled." I smiled. I kissed her forehead and she once again drifted to sleep, and I soon followed behind. The next morning, I woke up and Lauren wasn't beside me. I looked out of the shelter and saw Lauren sitting on the sand. "Good morning." She smiled. "Morning" I yawned as I sat beside her. "Ow!" She screamed as she jumped up. "That crab just pinched my ass!" She yelled. I started laughing. "Back off. She's mine!" I laughed as I threw the crab back into the water. "Come on let's get some food!" I told her.

Lauren's POV

"Come on let's get some food!" Niall told me. After we ate our berries and bananas, we decided to go swimming in the ocean. "Niall please be careful!" I hollerd to him. He was going pretty far. "I'll be fine!" He hollerd back. "Ow shit!" He screamed. "Niall are you ok?" I yelled. I some what swam to him and pulled him to the shore. His leg was bleeding. "What the fuck happened?" I asked. "I think I scraped it on the rocks." He answerd. I ran over to my bag and got my white dress and tied it around his wound. Then ran into the jungle, and came out with some leaf. "What the hell is that?" Asked Niall. "It heals wounds. I looked it up." I said. I unwrapped the dress and put the leaf on the wound then wrapped it up. Then I washed the access blood off of his leg. "Thanks for taking care of me." Said Niall. "Your welcome." I smiled. Then we just hung out in the shelter for the rest off the day.

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