After Lauren falls off of the ship, Niall jumps in and saves her. They end up abandon on a desserted island. Will they ever get home?


4. Castaways

Around 1:00 pm

"So do you think they know we are missing?" I asked. "I don't know, but all we can do is wait." Niall said. "I'm hungry." I said. "Me too. Let's try to find food." He said. We walked into the jungle to see what we could find. "Here are bananas and beeries." I said as I pointed to them. "Ok that's good." Niall said. We grabbed our food and sat on our logs. "Do you have any water?" He asked. "Um yeah in my bag." I said. "Here." I said as I handed it to him. He almost drank it all but he left me just enough. We drank after each other. Who cares. "We are castaways" laughed Niall. "I guess we are aren't we." I smiled. "I'm just glad to be a castaway with you" blushed Niall. Then he leaned in for a kiss. It was amazing. Then eventually, one thing led to another. "Wait Niall." I said. "What's wrong?" He asked. "We are stranded on an island with no condoms" I laughed. "Well shit." He laughed. "But when we get off, you are mine" he smirked. "Deal." I said. "We should go explore." Suggested Niall. "Sounds like fun" I smiled. We walked around and we saw a beautiful water fall. "Let's skinny dip" he suggested. "What no!" I laughed. "Come on please" he said as stuck out his lower lip. "Fine." I moaned. He ran into the water and put his shorts on the rock beside him. "Your turn" he smirked. I was starting to take off my top but then- "Let me do it." He said. I went into the water and stood beside him. We went a little deeper into the water. Then he slowly took my top off. "Your so beautiful." He told me. I smiled at him. Then he put his hands on my waist and slowly took my bottoms off. He held my hands and glided me down behind the waterfall, where we made out. It was so romantic. When he started kissing my neck, he whispered "I love you." "I love you too." I told him. Later, we put back on our swim suits and went back to our shelter. Before we knew it, the sun was setting. Another perfect day with Niall.

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