Do You Believe?

People are born into this world with the ability to discover their soul mate with ease, the person, or people, who are highly compatible with them. There are different rarities in this. People are born with a kind of necklace; these resemble a lock and a key, not in shape, but in their ability to come together. You are only born with half of the necklace. Size, colour, shape, each of these different aspects have different rarities. A small crescent shape is quite common, so is the reverse. Cadbury purple appears on at least 50% of necklaces. This makes finding a compatible match easier for the people with these types of common necklaces, but it also means these people are quite dull. Necklaces correspond with your personality, your family and genetics, and your physical characteristics. So people with common necklaces are usually common people with normal personalities, that’s why their match is easy to find. Some people choose to completely defy their necklace and make their own path.


8. 0.8


Chord sounded different when he picked me up. He didn't ask questions and we drove in silence back to his house but once he opened the door, his voice sounded odd, shaky almost. Chord had come speeding down the street amd right up to the bench I was sitting on, opening the passenger side door for me to hop in. My whole body was shaking when I got in and I saw Chord turn the heat up. His windows were tinted so well that I couldn't see his face at all, I could see just his silhouette and every so often a stream of light would highlight across his chest.

I was sitting on Chord's bed. He disappeared as soon as we got to his house with the instructions just to go to his bedroom and wait. Wanting to snoop was tempting me but I stayed sitting on the bed with my legs dangling off the edge. All the lights in his house were off and I still hadn't actually seen his face and I felt like he was doing that on purpose. Chord walked through the door and I jumped, the lights in his room were also off, with just the light coming slightly through the drapes over the window in his room.

"Are you okay?" he demanded as he walked towards me, walking into the moonlight stream, his eyes now visibly looking me over.

"I'm, I'm sorry," I mumbled, stumbling over my words. "I didn't really know who to call. I'm okay physically," I explained softly, looking at the ground and feeling stupid now about how I had reacted.

"Hmm," Chord said to himself. "Well, my Mother said you can stay the night. You can take my bed. I'll sleep over on the seat, over there," he said, pointing at a big sofa in the corner.

"Uhm, no, you shouldn't do that. I can sleep on the sofa? You can have the bed, I mean. . . It is yours. . . Or we could share it," I whispered the last part.

"Excuse me? You want to share a bed with me?" Chord said, sounding dumbfounded.

"I just meant we could?" I felt my cheeks heat as I said this.

"Okay, well do you want something else to wear to bed because I can go get something from my mum's room or I can grab you some sweats and a shirt?" he offered.

"Uhm, well, uhm. . . Could I borrow a jumper? I'm so cold still," I said, feeling myself shivering.

Chord ran to his dresser and quickly pulled a hoodie out and came back to hand it to me. I slid my arms into the sleeves that hung way below my fingertips and was almost a dress to me. I zipped it up and heard Chord chuckle at me then he pulled the hood onto my head.

"Perfect," he laughed.

I breathed in and his cologne was all over it and I swear I could've melted.

"So. . . Sleeping arrangements?" I asked, trying to distract myself from the overwhelming scent.

"Let's share," he said and I could have sworn that he winked but it was dark.

"Well I sleep on the right," I said, running to the right hand side of the bed and diving onto it.

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