Do You Believe?

People are born into this world with the ability to discover their soul mate with ease, the person, or people, who are highly compatible with them. There are different rarities in this. People are born with a kind of necklace; these resemble a lock and a key, not in shape, but in their ability to come together. You are only born with half of the necklace. Size, colour, shape, each of these different aspects have different rarities. A small crescent shape is quite common, so is the reverse. Cadbury purple appears on at least 50% of necklaces. This makes finding a compatible match easier for the people with these types of common necklaces, but it also means these people are quite dull. Necklaces correspond with your personality, your family and genetics, and your physical characteristics. So people with common necklaces are usually common people with normal personalities, that’s why their match is easy to find. Some people choose to completely defy their necklace and make their own path.


7. 0.7

I walked through my front door and into the my house, searching for my mother as I couldn't smell dinner like normal. I looked in the kitchen, the lounge the study. . . It became apparent that she was not downstairs.

"Mum?" I called out as I began to walk upstairs.

I heard a crash sound coming from my mother's bedroom and I ran quickly upstairs to the door and banged hard on it, waiting for a reply for a few seconds as I do have some respect for privacy.

"I'm fine Emma! Just. . . give me a minute," my mother yelled from behind the door. I heard a few more bumps and some muffled talking? My mother opened the door, her hair clinging to the sweat on her forehead and her clothes hung in an odd way, "What's up Sweety? Didn't know you'd be back so soon," she said, stepping out of the doorway and closing the door behind her.

"I've been gone the entire day?" I said as my mother checked her watch.

"Oh my! I didn't realise how late it was!" My mother exclaimed frantically. "Be a dear and go open up the car and, why don't ya put your plates up? We'll get dinner and you can practice driving, yeah? I just have to grab a coat and fix my hair," my mother said with a laugh.

If you asked me, my mother was acting strangely but I let it go. She is alone a lot, maybe I should spend some more time with her, I thought as I wondered down the stairs, grabbing the keys on the way out the door. I had my 'p' playes but mum really didn't like me going out driving on my own. I finished putting my plates up just as my mother came out the door, locking it behind herself, looking quite flustered. Very quickly, my mother got into the car and encouraged me to hurry up.

Dinner was quick, less than half an hour at McDonalds and we were back home again. I gave the car keys back to my mum after we pulled into the driveway, she would lock up the car and remove my plates while I unlocked the house. As I got closer to the front door I was able to hear noises coming from inside. I pressed my ear to the door and determined there was definitely someone inside.

"Mum!" I whisper yelled. "Mum!" I exclaimed a little louder till I got her attention. "Stay right there!" I demanded.

I, as quietly as I could, unlocked the front door and opened it slowly, cringing at the short squeaking sound it produced as I did so. I left the front door open, not wanting to have the noise made again and give me away. I moved slow. My feet, for once, making barely any noise as I followed the shuffling sound coming from the kitchen. Hopefully this was just a one man job. As I neared the kitchen doorway I could see what was creating the sound. A huge man had his head stuffed into our refrigerator, his jean clad butt high in the air. He stood and turned to face the opposite direction to me, placing a plate down on the kitchen island. I slowly and quietly walked up behind this huge man, he must have been at least 6 foot 3 and was built like a bear. My original plan to try to kind of fight hand to hand was blown out of the water. As soon as I felt that I was close enough, I lifted my right leg up, hard and fast, between his legs. Curse words flew from his mouth, so loud I assumed the people down the street could hear, as he fell to the floor, his hands clutching his crotch.

"That'll fucking teach you to steal my food and break into my house! Bitch!" I yelled triumphantly.


My mother came running into the house and fell to her knees beside the man, stroking his head as his eyes began to well up.

"Oh Ryder! You were supposed to have left while we went and got dinner," my mother scolded though her voice did not sound like she blamed him at all. "Em, this is Ryder. . . My boyfriend," she explained.

"What the fuck?" I demanded.

"Watch your language young lady!" My mother scolded, her voice firm. "Just because you're mad does not give you the right to use that kind of vulgar language. Now, go and get some frozen peas from the freezer and we will sit and discuss this like adults," she said calmly.

"Hmm," I said, faking indecision. "How about I don't do that and instead I just go out, yeah? Yeah. I think I'll just do that," I said, walking to the front door and picking up my discarded backpack.

"Emmeline!" My mother yelled. "If you walk out that door, so help me I'll-" I cut her off as I slammed the door hard behind me.

The chill hit me instantly, I should have grabbed a bigger coat, oh well, I can't go back in there now. The sun had well gone set and with no sunlight I felt as though I may as well have been naked. There was no way I could spend all night out here, I'd have to stay with someone, but who? I don't have any not internet friends. I began walking anyway. I was across the street before she even opened the front door. I started to run and could barely hear her yelling behind me. I didn't know where I was going but I just kept running, my feet hitting hard against the sidewalk. I stuck to the places lit up by streetlights, knowing the safety risks of being out after dark as a female. I ran and ran until I saw a very well lit park and went and sat on a park bench to catch my breath. I pulled my phone from my pocket and searched through my contacts. . . Buttface! I know it's late and he asked me to leave him alone a few hours ago but, he's my only choice. I hit dial. The ring tone felt like it continued forever until finally it stopped.

"Hello?" I heard, Chord's voice sounding groggy.

"Hi. I know this is stupid but. . . Can you pick me up? It's an emergency and I'm not at home."



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