Do You Believe?

People are born into this world with the ability to discover their soul mate with ease, the person, or people, who are highly compatible with them. There are different rarities in this. People are born with a kind of necklace; these resemble a lock and a key, not in shape, but in their ability to come together. You are only born with half of the necklace. Size, colour, shape, each of these different aspects have different rarities. A small crescent shape is quite common, so is the reverse. Cadbury purple appears on at least 50% of necklaces. This makes finding a compatible match easier for the people with these types of common necklaces, but it also means these people are quite dull. Necklaces correspond with your personality, your family and genetics, and your physical characteristics. So people with common necklaces are usually common people with normal personalities, that’s why their match is easy to find. Some people choose to completely defy their necklace and make their own path.


5. 0.5

I looked at myself in my floor length mirror and, as usual, this was good as it was going to get. I did try a little with my appearance but it's hard. My hair for one just was not co-operating and my Nirvana crop top just wasn't sitting right with my backpack. My gold studded converse looked dirty and my shorts seemed a little too short. I walked to my table and pulled a rip curl crochet beret over my untamed curls. I can't believe it's 9am on a Saturday and I'm already awake. I sat and touched up my makeup, adding another layer of mascara and deciding to add some colour to my lips.

Turns out Chord is in quite a few of my classes and is quite a bit behind and asked for tutoring in return for help with my research assignment. Because of his unique situation and his then refusal to answer any more of my questions, I reluctantly agreed. This resulted in me having to go to his house today so I can help him before he will help me. I don't know why I was trying so hard to look good, I mean, its 9am! I should have just shown up in sweats with no makeup and not gotten up two hours ago to shave and make myself look half decent.

"Em! There's a boy here to see you," my mother called up the stairs as my phone beeped from my pocket.

The screen of my phone was lit up with a text from buttface, who I'd renamed Chord to after he had named himself sexy. I quickly grabbed a soft pink matte colourpop lippie stix and applied a layer then shoved it into my Ouija galaxy bag. I had already put my laptop in my bag so I picked it up and swung it over my right shoulder and quickly ran out my room and down the stairs and straight into Chord who was walking up the stairs. He didn't move but I bounced backwards and he caught me before I could fall on my butt. I heard my mother chuckle from behind Chord's back.

"Thankyou," I mumbled, looking down and away from him.

I looked up just in time to see Chord wink at me before turning and walking down the stairs and towards the front door.

"See you later Lily," he said to my mother as he passed her.

"First names?" I demanded in a hushed tone once Chord was out of the house and my mother chuckled.

"He is a very charming man," she said smiling.

"You look beautiful when you smile," I said, kissing my mother on the cheek. "I'll be back later. . . Also you know have lipstick on your cheek."

I ran out the door, closing it behind me and holding it, hearing my mother chase after me and bang on the door. I turned and in the driveway was not what I expected to see. One of the greatest muscle cars ever. In my driveway was red Ford Mustang Boss.

"What the fuck Chord?" I demanded, running toward the car to run my hands against the smooth paint on the hood.

"What?" he questioned, looking dumbfounded.

"What do you mean 'what?'? You have a Ford Mustang Boss! I would've stomached you just because of this! If you had of offered me rides in this, I would've done you're work for you!" I yelled happily, jumping up and down.

"OI! I want that deal instead!" Chord demanded and I burst out laughing.

"Nah, it's too late! You already made a deal with me," I said, sticking my tongue out like a child.

I hopped into the passenger seat and admired the beautiful interior, trying to keep my geek out on the inside. Chord hopped into the driver's seat and started up the engine and, if it were possible, I would've melted into a puddle then and there. Chord seemed amused by my reaction, no idea why.

"I could drive you to school in this every morning, if you'd like, that is?" Chord offered, sounding sure.

"Are you serious?" I yelled happily. "Oh my gosh! That would be so amazing!"

We made slight chit chat as we drove. Eventually we ended up in the richest part of town and pulled up to one of the biggest houses. I felt like a child, with my face pressed up against the glass window, feeling like my face would look really stupid to anyone outside the car.

"Now. . . I must warn you that my mother has guests over and my dad. . . Well. . . He's a little. . . Just . . . You'll see," Chord said as he got out of the car.

I got out and followed him into the house. It smelt like freshly baked cookies, and on either side of the entrance hall were small tables with vases filled with beautiful white roses, standing stark against the wall. The walls were magnificent. Black paint covered the walls but there was an intricate silver pattern painted all over it. I got distracted and wondered off towards it, running my fingers over the paint.

"That was a weekend project of my dad's and now the whole house is painted this way," Chord said behind me sounding bored. His voice shocked me as I didn't expect him to be right behind me.

"It's beautiful," I murmured.

"Admiring my work?" Another voice spoke from the end of the hall.

"Dingo, this is my father," Chord said as we walked to greet him.

"Hello Emma! We've heard so much about you," he said, leaning over and hugging me.

"See what I mean?" Chord grumbled. "Dad. Let her go."

Finally his Dad let me go.

"It's nice to meet you, Sir" I said.

"Dad, we're going to go study in my room. Tell Mum I'm home but not to disturb," he said strictly.

"Use protection," his Dad called as we walked towards the stairs.

"He is so embarrassing," Chord mumbled, looking down at the floor.

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