Do You Believe?

People are born into this world with the ability to discover their soul mate with ease, the person, or people, who are highly compatible with them. There are different rarities in this. People are born with a kind of necklace; these resemble a lock and a key, not in shape, but in their ability to come together. You are only born with half of the necklace. Size, colour, shape, each of these different aspects have different rarities. A small crescent shape is quite common, so is the reverse. Cadbury purple appears on at least 50% of necklaces. This makes finding a compatible match easier for the people with these types of common necklaces, but it also means these people are quite dull. Necklaces correspond with your personality, your family and genetics, and your physical characteristics. So people with common necklaces are usually common people with normal personalities, that’s why their match is easy to find. Some people choose to completely defy their necklace and make their own path.


2. 0.2

High school is a hell. All these kids believe in soul mates and fate and that if they find that person soon that they will be happy for the rest of their boring lives. I believe that they are wrong. These necklaces are like a religion and I'm an atheist in this case. I don't believe that the necklace is everything and in high school, this is almost like a revolution. Nobody openly says that they don't believe in the schools, no teacher is hired, in all government schools, unless their partner is match to their necklace. People with odd necklaces are out casted, although rare necklaces don't happen often, this makes it worse. People will bully those with rare necklaces, it's reported all over the world. In some places it happens in workplaces but most of the times it is only in schools, like most bullying.

School is not a fashion show. You don't need to look perfect every day, that doesn't mean to not put an effort into your appearance but really? Girl's wearing items worth thousands of dollars a piece with designer bags and high heels with a full face of makeup every day? That's a little over done.

I put down my phone after shutting instagram seeing all the 'outfit of the day's from my school, most girls religiously post every outfit, every day and for some reason, they've all started tagging them with our school name. I was going to be late, again, but it doesn't matter too much, anything I miss at school will be posted on the school's youtube page at three and I can catch up, not that I'm failing. We get to choose our classes including an unsupervised class for independent study, which requires a full report at the end of either the end of the semester or end of the year to pass, which isn't hard. Mine, is on the necklaces, mine especially.

I stumbled up to chest of drawers at the corner of room. Opening the first drawer, I pulled out a grey and pink cowl neck, lace baseballl tee and threw into my bed. I opened the next drawer down and pulled out a pair of simple black skinny jeans with 2 gold accent zips on each leg and also threw them onto my bed.

"Shit," I mumbled under my breath as I checked the time on one of my many watches on the table. Mum will kill me if I'm late for second period.

I sat down at my desk and mirror and started doing my makeup quickly. Simplicity is the key. I completely skipped foundation and or BB cream, I couldn't be bothered. I put a shimmery gold base on my eyes, applied a light layer of an almost matte white/gold all over my eye with my finger and a medium brown shade on my outer v. It was my every day, go to look. I quickly applied my winged eye liner with my pen then applied a think layer of my mascara to my short lashes. I quickly grabbed a pink watch off my desk and put it on as I walked to my bed. I quickly got dressed as I heard my mother turn on the kettle down stairs and start walking up to my room. I ran to my wardrobe and grabbed a pair of black high top converse and slid them on with a pair of socks sitting at the base of the wardrobe.

"Emma?" My mother called, knocking on my bedroom door.

I stood up and tried to sprint towards the door and tripped myself in the process, landing with a loud thump on the floor.

"EMMALINE! Are you okay?. . . I'm coming in!" My mother yelled from outside my door.

"I'm fine Mother," I said as she helped me up off the floor.

"Good, but you're still late for school," my mother chastised.

"I know. I'm sorry," I wasn't. I can't stand form class.

"Okay, well come down for breakfast, I just put the kettle on," my mother said, walking out of my bedroom and shutting the door behind her.

I grabbed a brush on my table and quickly brushed out my tangled bed hair. I did a once over of my arms to make sure I wasn't bleeding before I grabbed my bag and phone and ran downstairs. I sat at the counter as my mother finished up making my coffee and place it in front of me.

"Do you want some breakfast before you go?" She asked, reaching towards my favourite cereal.

"I won't make the bus in time if I do," I replied after checking my watch.

I grabbed my mug, a travel mug for these very situations, ane gave my mother a kiss on the cheek as I strolled out the door and to the nearest bus stop, at the end of the street. I pulled my phone out of my back pocket and my headphones from my bag once I sat at the stop. Music is the only way to calm me before school, although it seems cliche, its not. I'm not a secret dancer by night, I don't sing like an angel, music just calms me. Even though I hit shuffle and left my choice on Eminem.


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