You are everything to me

Ok guys this a short story on a girl named cim (which is me) and a boy named Calum. It's about when they grew up together but then Calum became famous so read to find out


3. today is the day

Today is the day he's finally coming I get out of my bed and run to the toilet and take a bath brush me teeth. I then wear my clothes and straighten my hear.

I wore black ripped skinny jeans with a sweater that said holy chick and I wore my converse shoes which were black.

I went to my kitchen and had some cereal when I hear a honk I knew it was joy so ran out of my flat locker the doors and hopped into joys car.

Joy:good morning

Cim:good morning where's Mali

Joy: oh she had to go shopping for her brother

Cim: oh ok was all I could say

Joys pov

I'm so happy that Calum gets to meet cim.

He has feeling for her my little pumpkin likes her but if he tells Daisy It will ruin their friendship.

The drive was quite silent until we reached the airport

Cim: so when is Calum's flight gonna arrive

Joy: in five minutes I say looking at my watch

Cim:ok she says and gets out.

Cim pov

Me bad joy made a plan that I will hide in the trunk while joy waits for Calum then she will tell him to put his luggage in and when he opens the trunk I will attack him with hugs.

The attacking part was not mentioned to Joy I decided to do it.

Calum pov

My flight landed omg so good to finally be back home. I missed my family but especially cim I love her more than a bestfriend and I'm going to tell her that today when I get it finally meet he

I see mom waiting for me I run to her and hug her she stars crying but it's just tears of joy :)

Where's Mali I ask

Mom: she went to buying something for u.

Calum: oki:)woth that we walked to moms axe and she told me to put my bags in the trunk as soon as I opened the trunk I saw cim and as soon as she saw me she jumped on me and hug on me like a monkey.umm who r u I joked with her her faces turned upside down the smile was gone this was kinda funny.

Cim: Calum it's me cim ur bestfriend

Calum: no my pnul bestfriends r my band memebers.

Cim: Calum u seriously don't remember me she says now tears rolling down her face I couldn't see her sad I just hugged her and said ofcourse I do I was just joking she laughs and burries her face in my neck:)

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