You are everything to me

Ok guys this a short story on a girl named cim (which is me) and a boy named Calum. It's about when they grew up together but then Calum became famous so read to find out


5. suprises

9 months past

Cims pov

The baby is due anytime and my stomach has gotten bigger. Mom and Joy have been coming everyday to see me and make sure I'm ok. Yeah and Joy knows about the baby. Mali has also been helping me a lot and super kind and mean she was always kind but like yesterday she had to go clubbing with her friends but she decided to help me out with the babies stuff .

Joys pov

I'm here with Jenna cims mom and deciding on the babies clothes it's a boy btw. I know everything about the baby also that it is Calum's cim lied to him Jenna told me everything ad we've been telling Calum evrything about the baby even when he kicks he says so what if he is not there he can still be there for his baby.

2 days later


I wake up up with a sharp pain in my stomach and I feel witness.

HOLY SHIT!!!!!! My water broke

I quickly call up Mali

C:Mali my water broke hurry up and take me to the hospital

M:hmmmmm WHAT???? Il be there in 5

Mali comes and helps me to the car while she is doing that she takes out her phone and calls our mothers.

Skip to the hospital




C:I am omg this hurts

D:honey u gotta push

Calum's pov

I just got the news cims giving birth I'm on my way to the hospital our flight just landed 5 min ago I had this all planned but not the baby part. I'm so happy that my baby boy is finally coming the boys are also coming to support me:)

Cims pov

The doctor is telling me to push I'm going through the pain I don't have my bestfriend/father of my child and my child might die fuck I need to get my baby out now I just push and I hear a faint cry and the doctor smiles in relief and says it's a boy I knew it from first but still.

Everybody came in Mali Joy and my mom they brought me flowers and cards and stuffed animals for the baby:).

Then the doctor comes in and says I need to rest so they all give me my space and leave.

I was tucking my baby boy in his little crib this the hospital gave us when I heard someone behind me.

Calum pov

Mali Jenna and mom came out of the room the I saod that cim needed to rest but I was gonna suprise her I told them that I would make it quick and I also have a huge suprise for cim.

I walked in and said cim while she was tucking in our little baby boy she froze and turn around she saw me and was shocked

Calum:hey bestie

Cim:Calum whhaat arreee yyyoouu ddoiinng hheerree

Calum:I'm come to see my our baby


Calum:cim don't be silly I know that the baby is mine ours

Cim: how did u know

Calum:you mom she told me everything I took every step with u like I knew about altrasounds

Kicks gender everything why didn't you tell me that the baby was mine

Cim:I just didn't she said now facing the other side

I spun her so she was facing me again and said no tell me why then she said it loud enough

Cim:cause I'm fucking Inlove with u and have always been and I thought if I told u that the baby was yours it would ruin your career I didnt want the baby and me to ruin your life.

I was shocked

Calum:how could our baby ruin my life and u. Cim I thinks it's time that I told u that I always loved u more than a friend bit I didn't know if u felt the same way I have everything planned out I bought a house for us and cim will u do me the honor and be my wife I said getting on me knee.

Cims pov

Omg I can't believe this

Yes Calum I said and kissed him and the baby stared crying suddenly. I took him in my arms and stared singing to him Calum also sang and took him in his arms.

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