You are everything to me

Ok guys this a short story on a girl named cim (which is me) and a boy named Calum. It's about when they grew up together but then Calum became famous so read to find out


4. I'm pregnant

The next morning

Calum's pov

I woke up thinking about cim. God I just loved her. But how do I tell her. I saw the times it was like 2 in the afternoon omg did I sleep that long: them I got an idea I called cim

Cal- Calum


Cal: hey what u doing

Cim:nothing u

Cal; great can I take u out for lunch bestie

Cim: sure I will be ready in an hour

Cal: sounds good see ya

Cim: see ya bye

Cal: bye

Yes I'm having lunch with her:)

At lunch

Wow cal thank and u remembered that I love this restaurant .

Calum: how can I forget:)

Cim: hey let's rent movie and buy some snacks and watch movies at my place since today is ur last day ur leaving tomorrow she said woth sadness in her eyes . I lifter her chin with my finger and made her face me

Calum: don't worry I'll be back again I love you cim I said it

Cim: I love u too but she thought I meant it as a friend

At cims place

Cim pov

We were watching paranormal activity because Calum wanted to most of the movie I was cuddles up to Calum I was shot scared. The movie came an ending and then Calum spoke up

Calum: ok u can look now he said I looked up and saw Calum's face and then said

Cim I have always loved u more than a bestfriend but never told u I was afraid that are never gonna like me I wanna kiss u hold u cuddle I'm leaving tomorrow I've made many mistakes in life and not telling u this would be one. I love u

I was shocked that Calum said that without giving time to Calum to say another word I smashed my lips into his he kissed back after a while suddenly things started to get a little out of hand and we did a really bad thing we ended up having sex.

The next day

I woke up in the morning and the bed was empty and I was duly naked and there was a letter lying beside me the letter said

Dear cim I love u sorry that I have to write a letter yesterday was my last day thanks for a great night and I love u I promise to skype u everyday and talk to u and thanks for the armband btw once u get up get ready and eat plz go to my mom I have her something for u it's only thing special I love u

- cal pal:)

I smiled and got ready had breakfast and went to joys house she opened up and hugged me then she game me some tea and have me a red color box. I thanked joy and went home. I opened the box and saw a small ring and the ring said Calum and cim forever:)

Suddenly I felt really sick and started puking i called my mom and she took me to the doctors

At the doctors

Doc: mrs Francis you are pregnant

Cim: no!!!!

Mom: omg I'm going to be a grandma

Mom drove me back home and I fell asleep. I woke up by my phone ringing it was Calum he wanted to FaceTime I picked it up although it was late.

Calum: hi I'm sorry that I called at this time r u ok I heard the news

Cim: great I mumbled but not loud enough yeah I said

Calum: so who's the father he asked my heats stopped

Cim:Blake the boy that works with my dad I said lying

Calum: oh was all he could say then said goodbye and hung up

Calum pov

I couldn't believe this she is lying and I know that well tomorrow I will call mrs Francis and talk to her.

The next day

Calum's pov

I just got off the phone with mom and im got mrs Francis number I'm going to call her I asked mom if she heard anything about cim but she said no and asked why I didn't tell her anything.

Convo with mrs Francis

C:hello mrs Francis

Mf:hello Calum how r u doing

C:good and u

MF:just good so is something wrong dear

C:yes I wanted to know cim is pregnant who is the father???

Mrs Francis pov

My heart skipped a beat I didn't know what to say the only thing cim said was that don't tell him him that he is the father but I don't know why she said that.

C:hello mrs Francis are u there

MF:yes ummm what did cim tell u???

C:she told me that Blake was the father

MF:oh yes he is I said quickly

C: mrs Francis please if u r hiding something tell me bit before that I'm going to tell you that I'm Inlove with cim and I would do anything for her and I know she told u not to tell me anything but I don't know why but I really love her and I know the baby is mine

MF:I'm so sorry Calum the baby is yours but she told me not to tell u but I don't know why

C:mrs Francis do me favor and keep me updated about my baby and don't tell cim thank u

MF:wil do dear bye


Calum's pov

I knew it the baby was mine but why would she hide this from me but I'm gonna find out .

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