You are everything to me

Ok guys this a short story on a girl named cim (which is me) and a boy named Calum. It's about when they grew up together but then Calum became famous so read to find out


1. he's coming :)

I was looking at the pictures of me and Calum playing in the garden and smiling. If your wondering Calum from 5sos then yes. We grew up together and were best friends. I loved calum to death but he thought I loved him as a best friend but I didn't. I always supported Calum and his band members even though he would go around the world we always spoke and skyped.

Suddenly my phone rang I went to see the caller id it was joy

Convo between me and joy


C-cim (me)

J- hello darling how r u doing

C-I'm good and you

J-I'm good just called to tell you that Calum is coming home tomorrow and u can suprise him at the airport if I want I know that he misses his bestfriend he always talk about you:)

C-yes I would love too vad I miss him too

J- great Mali and myself will pick you up tomorrow then. Bye

C-ok bye.

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