The way out

Ava is 16 she hates her life her dad beats her mom and she is bullied at school.


1. the shitty life

Your home is suppose to be your safe place but mine was the exact opposite my home was my hell on earth and so was school at home everyday I would hide in my room with my head phones on and my music turned all the way up trying to block out my father yelling at my mom telling her that she is a piece of shit and she should sleep with one eye open when I would go to school I would be called "slut" "ugly" and any name you could think of to put someone down I would also get beat up by the "populars"

Ava's pov

I heard a loud buzzing noise and I finally found my alarm clock and it read 6:30am I had only 30:00min to get ready for school because my bus got here at 7:00am I got dressed I wore a black tank top with a skull on it a infinity scarf black leggings and my black vans I put my hair in a fish tail braid and put a little bit of makeup on I ran out the door to see my bus start to pull away from my house I had to run after it I started to catch up to the bus and I heard everyone laughing at me. The bus driver finally saw me and stopped the bus.

"Thank you" I told the bus driver as I got on the bus

"Hey look the freak is here" I heard someone yell from the back of the bus and I knew who it was right away it was Bella the queen bee of the school

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