the wolf and the mermaid

Alex is a werewolf and Crystal is a mermaid and when they meet something magical happens


1. the trail

once upon a time there was a were wolf named Alex,Alex had dirty  blonde hair and light tan skin with blue eyes. Alex was a runway, he ran through the forest looking back as he saw his den slowly fade away into the darkness of the night. Alex came to the bay as he saw the waves crashing onto the rocks, I always wanted to explore the sea. 

You cant do that if you just sit there, crystal said. crystal was his friend a fairy she was but a very smart and good friend to have around. I thought you were gonna runaway, whispered crystal.

i am running away into the sea where I can be free from strict orders and fighting. I'm not a were wolf, I don't like fighting or strict orders I want to be free like a merman or some sort of undine. 

"Why don't you become a vampire"

Wolf go away I don't need your help. Wolf was a vampire and his best friend since they were little. 

" crystal here told me that you had plans " 

NO I DID NOT, explained crystal I did not say anything plus you can't trust him he's a vampire.

listen guys, I really like your support but I think I can do this myself, trust me I can swim pretty far.

BOOM, a giant wave of sea water crashed onto the rocks and forced them under water.

lucky I'm in human form * cough * cough * said crystal.


" IM UP HERE GUYS " exclaimed wolf.

Alex bent down and picked up the purple tailed mermaid laying in the sand, I think it's a mermaid!

"I here mermaid blood is really good" 

GO AWAY WOLF, we don't need your sarcasm. Don't worry Alex I will make sure he doesn't kill anything or anyone!

I'm gonna take her to meadow cove she will be safe there. Meadow cove is a giant beach with lots of fields of grass with oak trees, it's also where the undines and fairies live. Except for crystal she lives in the dark forest with wolf.

Good luck Alex, and make sure you come back to visit us, yelled his two best friends. This was gonna be a long journey just to runaway.

when Alex got to Meadow  cove he set the mermaid down on a giant flat rock and laid his head to rest in the sand. 



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