the wolf and the mermaid

Alex is a werewolf and Crystal is a mermaid and when they meet something magical happens


3. Eyes blue as the sea

She has eyes blue as the sea and like the sea they can be hypnotic, I have to focus on making the route to the crystal lake and it has already been a week since I have made camp at meadow cove. But no I have to get my self distracted with her beautiful wavy hair and smooth tan skin, I'm so foolish and such a dishonor to the family and a very big disappointment my father would say as he storms off into the woods looking for someone to yell at. This is another reason why I ran away everything I do is a disappointment to the family. My dad would definitely disapprove of me hitting on a mermaid especially since they are so free living. Just because my dad is the pack leader does not always mean I have to do exactly what he says. Why can't I be free? Focus alex, focus you have to focus on how to get to crystal lake. Over the mountains, pass  the hills and to butterfly cove you will see a lake of crystal. How hard was that, it was not hard unless you are not focused and you take a week to make a little map!  

ALEX, look what I made! It's a necklace that. Made out of water, cool huh? 

Thats really cool, Alex replied. 

I will be down by the bay, astrid said.

"Alex you know she can't just go with you and live her life without magic, without any other mermaids." Emma was serious this time.

" I can't just leave her, she needs me." I can't leave.





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