the wolf and the mermaid

Alex is a werewolf and Crystal is a mermaid and when they meet something magical happens


2. Astrid river hart

Wait don't leave Alex yelled, the mermaid was walking towards the water. Your safe here just listen to me, I want to help you.

this is the reason why I ran away yelled the mermaid, because i am always doing everything wrong. 

i ran away too, said Alex I ran away because I wanted to know what it felt like to live a life with no one telling me what to do with such strict orders. Please just listen to me I can help you survive, my name is Alex if you need me I will be by the river.

wait don't go, said the mermaid I want to talk to you. My name is Astrid river hart, I am sorry that I yelled at you earlier.

its ok said Alex. I know someone that can help you find your way back if you need.

I don't ever want to go back the ocean is a cruel place I'd rather be a wolf like you, so I can run through the trees with out ever having to remember that I'm not suppose to be on land. I want to be a wolf so I can travel with a group that knows that I exists, and that I know I will always have a place.

its not that awesome being a wolf sometimes, the pack gives such strict orders and you can't just run were ever you want, every pack is different. Some things just don't seem that great after you figure out what it really means to be who you are, I always wanted to explore the sea. And be free swimming and having to explore a whole other world! 

It's not that easy being a mermaid. You can't swim wherever you want and you have to stay with your pod at all times. And if you go on land you will be forced to live on land forever and you will not be able to go back to the pod.

Well I guess we were both wrong about running away, the good thing is that I can control all my powers. Said Alex.

lucky I can't control my powers that much, since every one ignores me I never get the help I need. At least I can have my legs when I get out of water.

I could get a friend to help you, she is a naiad and really good with magic.

that sounds great, said astrid while putting up her brunette hair. 







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