I wish I had never woken up with amnesia (Michael Clifford)

Some people wish to wake up with amnesia so they can forget about how much they are hurting.

All I wish is that I could have remembered .... Remembered that he had hurt me. That way I would never have fallen in love with him again

To know him, is to love him. But I never knew that Michael was the person who could love me and break me into thousand pieces at the same time

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36. 33

I arrive at nine o'clock in the morning Australia time. I get my bags and make my way out of the airport, I'm already too warm. I'm used to English weather now and I feel all sticky and hot. I see Maddison holding a sign saying 'Goldman' and she jumps up and down when she sees me 


"Why are you holding that you geek?" I burst out laughing as she throws it up in the air and hugs me 

"They always do it in movies, here let me help you with your bags" She takes my suitcase and I follow her out of the airport to the car park where I see her and Ashtons flash range rover 

"It sure beats the days of Berta the Beetle doesn't it?" I grin and Maddison laughs 

"Shes still driving that piece of crap, I did offer to buy her a new one but she wouldn't let me. She loves that rust bucket" Maddison says whilst putting my bags into the boot of the car. I sit in the passenger seat and Maddison starts the ignition. I rub my eyes and yawn

"You tired?"

I shake my head 

"Actually I feel oddly awake, I guess I'm excited to be back" and its true I am. Everywhere still looks the same and nothing has really changed

"So whats the plan of action? Fill me in on everything. My mind hasn't caught up with the fact I'm in Australia yet and I cant remember all of the emails Laura sent me" I cover my mouth as I yawn again

"Well the hen and stag night is this evening, there is a rehearsal dinner tomorrow night and then Saturday is the wedding, I rented us a villa to stay in as it saves travelling back and fourth separately. I didn't think you would want to stay with your mom whilst her house is being renovated? Also if the boys stay with their parents it will just cause mayhem as fans have already heard they are back here and they are camping out at hotels and at their parents home. Its crazy, seriously. This way at least they can get some privacy, Its really secure so no one can see in. Calum and Luke are arriving tomorrow from the states as they stayed to finish off some writing for the new album but they land tomorrow at Midday. I think Luke is bringing his new girlfriend, her name is Christina and shes out of that girl band, the one I sent you the youtube link to. They are only really famous in the states so far but they are OK. Even though I think shes big headed but that's my opinion. Chloe you awake?"

My eyes snap open and I nod

"yeah, hmmm, A villa, a girl band and the boys are writing a book?" I ask confused 

"No, lyrics, not a book" Maddison laughs "We are here now, I suggest you sleep so you are wide awake later. You don't want bridezilla to eat you alive" she grins and I nod my head. I'm more tired than I thought. My eyes widen when we pull into the villa. I've never seen anything like it, Its absolutely stunning. Its a white building that has large glass windows over looking Avalon beach. It has beachfront gardens leading directly down to the rock pools, I get out of the car and shield my eyes as I look up at it 

"This must have a cost a fortune" I gasp and Maddison takes my cases out of the boot of the car 

"Wait til you see the inside, Its up for sale and Ashton is thinking about putting a bid on it. We have been living in rented apartments or staying in hotels but we want somewhere permanent to stay now" she smiles and I follow her inside.

Maddison is right inside is even more amazing 

The house is divided into 2 separate accommodation wings with a huge central living area that includes the kitchen, dining area and open fire. Off the living room there are two separate outdoor entertaining areas. There's a pool table and arcade games in another part of the house and outside there's a private pool with a barbecue and the view of the ocean is breathtaking. Maddison shows me to my room and it has a king size bed and its own private bathroom with a Jacuzzi

"OK, I mean it pinch me. This isn't real" I shake my head 

"Get some sleep and i'll wake you up in a few hours. Ashton is just visiting some friends but he will back soon with Michael"

I drop my bag and look at her 

"what?" My voice goes higher and I suddenly feel warm, its too warm in here 

"he'll be back with Michael. It made sense he stayed here, his mom and dad moved to Perth and it seemed a bit mean to make him stay by himself in a hotel. That is OK isn't it?" She bites her lip and I go and sit on the bed

"I haven't seen him in three years" I whisper. Suddenly I feel unable to talk. She sits down next to me and holds my hand 

"Chloe everything is going to be OK, You have Mark, Michael is seeing someone too"

"He is?" I ask that too quickly and I almost sound .... jealous?

"Look you two used to be friends and its only for a week, the boys have only got seven days off before they carry on with the tour and they will be busy working on the album anyway. There is a recording studio here too, How crazy is that" she tires to change the subject but my ears are ringing and I think this is a bad idea. Maybe I should just book into a hotel?

"look get some sleep and see how you feel when you wake up OK?" I nod my head and she leaves me to unpack. I get changed out of my jeans and T shirt and put on a vest top and shorts. I get my phone out of my bag and climb into bed. I text Mark


*I've got here safely, I'm so tired. will phone you when I wake up. Love you xx*


I'm that stressed I don't think I will sleep but soon enough my eyes feel heavy and dreams take over my restless body 


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