I wish I had never woken up with amnesia (Michael Clifford)

Some people wish to wake up with amnesia so they can forget about how much they are hurting.

All I wish is that I could have remembered .... Remembered that he had hurt me. That way I would never have fallen in love with him again

To know him, is to love him. But I never knew that Michael was the person who could love me and break me into thousand pieces at the same time

©All rights reserved


21. 20

I had an amazing night with him and I don't want it to be over but today he has band practice ready for Laura's going away party Friday night

"I should be gone for about four hours, why don't you hang out here? Wait for me in bed, when I get back you could be naked" He grins at me and I contemplate it for a second 

"I have to go home but why don't you meet me back at mine after? Come back with Ashton, you haven't stayed at mine yet. Well not that I can remember anyway" I blush and he leans down to kiss me 

"You sure that's OK?" he asks

"Of course it is, besides I need to help Laura organize this party and we only have two days" 

oh crap two days to plan a party!

Luke gives me a lift home on the way to band practice with Michael and when I walk into the house its like world war three 

"you didn't buy those saucepans put them back" Maddison screams from the kitchen and I shake my head 

"Yes I did buy them, I clearly remember buying them" Laura shouts back 

"well fine, take them, They are shit anyway"

I walk into the kitchen and just about avoid having a frying pan in my face 

"hey, I've already had one head trauma. Now what the hell is going on?" I shout at the both of them 

"shes trying to steal all of our shit and take them to Melbourne well I'm not having it, if Mr fancy pants John will be on so much money then get him to buy you some new ones" Maddison shouts at Laura. Laura sadly shakes her head 

"You win Maddison I get it, You don't want me to leave, But do you really want me to go and leave things like this between us?"

My heart aches for Laura, It must be hard knowing shes leaving but leaving like this wont make it any easier 

"Maddison stop it" I try and calm her down but its no use 

"You know what, take what you want and enjoy planning your party because I wont be there" Maddison leaves the house slamming the door behind her and I go and hug Laura 

"don't cry, she'll calm down. At least by the time you are ninety" I hold her shoulders and grin as she laughs whilst blowing her nose  

"I doubt it Chloe, we've been arguing since last night. I know that some of this belongs to me but forget it, i'll buy some new things in Melbourne. its just material crap anyway" I agree with her on this one, Its probably not worth ending a friendship over a few pots and pans. We spend hours packing her suitcase and when we've packed away most of her things in her bedroom we sit in the kitchen and go over the invites for Friday night. Laura decides to send everyone a text message or an email as it will be easier and quicker then sending out paper invites at such short notice 

"Shall I invite your mom, ken and Sophie?"

I roll my eyes 

"I would rather you didn't but if you want to that's fine, actually I suppose we should invite them as my mom will only hate me more if I don't"

Laura frowns 

"you OK Chloe?"

I quickly fill her in on what my mom said to me at the beach and she shakes her head disapprovingly 

"Chloe I don't mean to be disrespectful but ignore your mom. You have to do what feels right and if you want to be with Michael then who is she to argue. I actually think its romantic"

I smile at her, this is so typical of Laura. She always sees the silver lining in everything  

"Thank you for your support" And I really mean it, Its nice to know that someone doesn't think I'm crazy 

"We are best friends, I will always support you" I bite my lip an lean over and hug her

"I'm going to miss you so much" I whisper 

"Not as much as I'm going to miss you Goldman"

I sit back down and hold her hand and we both laugh through our tears. We look up as Maddison comes staggering into the kitchen 

"Are you drunk?" I look at the clock, its three pm 

"so what if I am?" she snaps back at me. I carry on doodling on the notepad in front of me. I don't have the energy to argue with her. Whats the point, no one ever wins in an argument against Maddison 

she sits next to me at the table and I can smell the alcohol on her 

"where have you been?" I ask her but not in a condescending way, I don't want to provoke her 

"band practice"

I frown at her 

"I went to see them at rehearsals and it was intense. All this talk about Europe, Did you know they are going to France first? France! The city of romance, and I wont be there. Ashton will probably fall in love with a girl from the moulin rouge and I wont be there" she dramatically starts to sob and I press my lips together as I look at Laura. its not that we are laughing at Maddison but this is her cute vulnerable side, although the whole situation is quite tragic 

"He wont fall in love with anyone from the moulin rouge, don't get worrying" I pat her back and try and soothe her

Michael and Ashton walk in and Maddison points at Ashton 



"Yes you, drummer boy. How could you leave me for Nicole Kidman?" she hiccups and me and Michael look at each other grinning. He walks over and I stand up, he sits on my chair and I sit on his lap, he puts his arms protectively around my waist holding me against him. Ashton stands in the doorway, he folds his arms and he looks confused

"Maddison I've never even met Nicole kidman, how drunk are you?"

She throws her hands up in the air 

"You haven't yet but no doubt when you get to the moulin rouge you will think you are Ewan McGregor. I hate that film, I hate it" 

she walks past Ashton and I hear her staggering up the stairs. He looks at me confused and I shake my head 

"A drunken Maddison is hard to get through to, I cant help you there. All I can say is good luck" I wink at him and he looks crest fallen as he follows her up the stairs. Laura gathers up some papers and excuses herself and I turn to look at Michael 

"You OK?" I ask him. This cant be easy for him to watch, hes probably on edge that I'm close to having a breakdown too 

"have you got any beers?" he asks and I walk over to the fridge to have a look

"actually beer we do have, food we don't. Hope you aren't hungry?"

"No i had a burger after practice. Thank you though"

I pull out six beers and sit next to him 

"are you sure you're OK?" I ask again

he looks at me and then stands up pulling a small diary out of his back pocket

"have you got a calendar?" 

I look around the kitchen

"hmmm I'm not sure. why?"

"because the tours been moved forward I leave three weeks tomorrow"

The world feels like its stopped turning, This is too soon. I cant lose him yet 


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