run away in pain

am i really afraid or am i nervous? i have no idea. should i go back to my dorm. i'll be alone and get bashed by other girls or i'll run away and never be found...


1. the snow is coverd with blood

its 2:30 a.m. i can hear girls screaming and running away fron something. they ran into my room and started screaming like they saw a ghost. i asked a girl that jumped on my bed what happened? she replyed ''we all saw something that shouldnt be here.'' i wonder what it is? i know the girls that bash me came into my room but did they really see somethinng or are they trying to scare me? in the morning i ask them

''what did you see last night?''

''we saw blood all over the wall in the new girl's room.'' maggie said.  

''was her body in there?''
''yes, it was cut into little peaces.''

i walked out of the room, down the hall and turned to her room, i turned to the door and opened it. it smelted like something died in there well someone did i dont now why but there was a bite mark on her neck.

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